What sport to do to lose weight and get fit?

If your goal is to lose weight, practicing physical activity is just as important as adopting a balanced diet. However, it is important to choose the right sport to lose a few pounds and, above all, it is important to respect some arguments, especially the appropriate frequency for exercise . The advice of Richard Thibault, sports coach.

Cardio, aerobics… What are the best sports and exercises to lose weight?

Before choosing a sport because it can reduce our weight, the important thing is to find one that suits us, insists Richard Thibault: “There are many sports that can lose calories very quickly. But, first, it’s important to find a game that we like! Among the sports that you like, sports that make you move, such as cardio, can easily lose calories. Running and cycling indoors or outdoors are also beneficial. But it is also possible to do weight training: you gain muscle mass, while removing extra pounds.

Among the sports that can make you lose weight and are easy to practice, there are:

Rowing, or rowing, is an ideal sport for burning calories. Available in most sports halls, rowing allows, through a rowing activity, to demand many parts of the muscles of the upper and lower body. The paddle and the rowing machine are easy to use.

Also available in the gym, the elliptical trainer works hard on the muscles of the legs, but also on the arms! Easy to use, the elliptical trainer allows you to push yourself without damaging your joints.

To speed up weight loss, swimming can be an excellent ally! In fact, the resistance of the water leads to the maximum effort of the entire muscle. Swimming is a complete sport that allows you to practice as much as you want, without causing shocks to your joints.

Running can be done in many ways: you can run outside or on the treadmill, in the gym. Running mainly moves the legs, although all other muscles of the body are used.

Combining sport and discovering nature is the great advantage of cycling! Cycling works the legs and abs. It also prevents damage to the joints, especially the knees.

Simple and effective, jumping rope burns calories quickly! This game works the muscles of the legs and ensures better blood circulation.

Pregnant woman, what precautions?

The practice of a physical activity is recommended throughout our lives, but, during pregnancy and after childbirth, we must adopt some precautions to preserve our perineum: It is recommended to wait for the green light from his gynecologist before continuing a sports activity.Richard Thibault recalled. At the same time, we must pay attention to the problems of urine leakage that may appear during pregnancy. Generally, it is better for pregnant women or women who have recently given birth to practice sports where there is no shock. Instead of running, for example, we can favor swimming. As for frequency, don’t overdo it and go through gradual sessions at low intensity. “.

Sports programs and sessions: how many hours of sport per week to lose weight?

So there are many sports practices to lose weight. However, it is important to respect his body, as well as hers metabolism, and therefore to train these sports in a good frequency. “If you are overweight or if you start or continue sport, it is important to take it slow, not too hard, to prevent damage. As for the frequency, it is healthy to divide the sessions. We prefer small sessions of half an hour rather than one big session of two hours. In addition, it is good to vary the sports if you want to burn more calories. It is possible to do indoor training to practice different exercises in a short and intense way that allows you to work all the muscles and thus get many benefits,” explained the coach.

Physical activity that will reduce your weight: we can not forget the food!

If practicing a sports activity or doing body strengthening exercises are good resolutions, it is also important to establish a balanced diet. Before practicing sports, we consume a good dose of carbohydrates to have enough energy for the effort. Similarly, it is also important to consume protein, preferably through white meat or cottage cheese, for example, and not protein supplements sold in some stores. Let’s not forget to hydrate well, by drinking regularly before the effort, during and after.

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