What sport is easy to lose belly? Top 3 effective activities to lose weight

In fact, the stomach is one of the areas that people always want to change. However, it is one of the most difficult parts of the body to lose weight and build muscle. To effectively burn waist fat, cut calories and do a good combination of cardio, abdominal exercises, and strength training. It’s great for people who aren’t afraid to go to the gym or train outdoors. But what is the best exercise to lose belly fat? Here are activities that work the right muscles to flatten your stomach fast!

Sport to lose belly? Here is the one to choose for fast results!

In general, to lose fat from your body, cardio training is probably the best solution. You can do it in different forms: race walking, running, burpees, skipping rope, swimming, cycling, etc. However, there are sports that train and refine the waist area better than others and you can practice without worrying about the weather. In this context, sites like Nicelocal.fr help you discover the best fitness clubs and services near you.


what sport will lose the stomach

Boxing is one of the best exercises for the body, whatever your goals. This is a great combination of cardio and strength training. A short boxing session will help you burn a lot of calories thanks to its high intensity. As you might expect, this sport also works the arm muscles, making it a great alternative to weight lifting. In addition, it also uses core strength, which is good for losing belly fat.


exercise to lose belly fat

Using the rowing machine is one of the best activities for a full body workout. It’s resistance heavy, works the muscles, does cardio, and burns tons of calories (632 calories on average when rowing at a fast pace, depending on your weight). Most of the power comes from your abs, which is great for strengthening them. Finally, rowing on the on-site machine can be a lot of fun, so why not see if there’s a nearby gym you can visit?

Swimming to lose belly fat

what sport to slim the waist

In fact, the resistance provided by water makes swimming more challenging than many land sports. Depending on the aquatic exercise you do, you can burn up to 12 calories per minute. Experts estimate that a person weighing 70 kilograms who runs laps at a fast pace can burn 720 calories in an hour.

Strengthening your core while swimming is one of the best ways to strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose belly fat. Also, if you try to push your navel into your spine, you will amplify the effect. It will also improve your position in the water, allowing you to increase your performance. It is also the basis of efficient and healthy activity that reduces the risk of injury.

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