what is the best sport to lose weight?

You want to lose weight and you are wondering what is the best sport to lose weight? Good news, you don’t need to practice an intensive sport to find a beautiful silhouette!

Do you think you should run every day or spend all your lunches at the gym? What if it was enough to walking to lose weight ? Because yes, it can’t be proven, Walking is a great activity to burn more calories. So, how long do you need to walk every day to see results? And how do we do this?

What sport to lose weight?

Although it may seem strange, walking is a sports activity that can lose a lot of people body fat than other activities such as running. In fact, health professionals believe that we are burned out 45% body fat while walking compared to 35% of the current at low speed and 25% of the current at high speed.

Why? Simply because when our organism is subjected to a low intensity effort, for at least 30 minutes, he will draw the energy he needs from the reserves fat So, to lose weight, bet everything on brisk walking.

The benefits of walking

In addition to eliminating body fat, walking is very good for the same as the same and breath. By walking, you gradually accustom your body to the effort, slowly.
In addition, all parts of your body work, and many muscles are thus demanded. Walking is good for to lose weightbut also for TONE his whole body.

How to practice walking to lose weight?

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To get visible effects on your weight, it is recommended that walk at least 30 minutes every day in a good way. If you have more time, aim for the ideal: 1 hour daily walk. Of course, the faster you walk the more calories you burn.

However, it is important not to skip steps! What is important above all else regularities. So start a 30-minute session, alternating rhythm (slow, medium and accelerated).

How to quickly increase your walking practice?

Walking every day is possible, as long as you are change our behavior a little. For example, for short trips, forget the car ! Yes it will take you some time, but by organizing yourself, it is possible.
If you’re used to commuting to work using public transportation, be reflexive getting off 2 or 3 stops beforeyou can add 15 minutes of walking to your daily practice.
Finally, always prefer the stairs of elevators: a very good one exercise to lose weight !

Walking yes, but how?

exercise to lose weight

Use the right step © lzf

In order for walking to be truly beneficial, it is important thatadopting the correct posture : stand up straight, look straight ahead and tighten the glutes and abs. Your arms should be bent, at 90 degrees, next to the body. They accompany your walking movements.

Regarding the step, the heel must touch the ground first. Then your toes will give you the boost you need. Look at don’t take too long a step, they should remain almost natural. In fact, if you want to increase the pace, don’t lengthen your steps, but do faster steps.

Finally, learn to master deep belly breathingit is very useful for you if you walk fast.

Redefine your silhouette thanks to recreational sports

To further refine your figure while having fun, consider the recreational games : table tennis, skipping rope, hula hoop. These games from our childhood come back to bring a bit silly in our sports practices.

For example, the skipping rope an excellent exercise to lose weight, because you will burn calories in record time. Plus, just like when you walk, all your muscles work at the same time!

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