what equipment and material to choose?

Discover our selection of the best equipment and machines to have at home to exercise at home!

It is not not always easy to combine in the gym in a busy day schedule. Fortunately, to exercise and achieve your goals, it is possible equip yourself with quality equipmentall in comfort in your home.

Since the initial confinement following the COVID health crisis, the sports at home saw renewed interest. More and more solutions exist to encourage new and more experienced athletes by offering them a variety of equipment, machines and accessories to enable them to train home. In fact, the house can be an excellent place for games, if you have the right equipment, method, and above all a good regularity. If for weight losssculpt an athletic body, work on your body-summer Or just to stay well, there is something for every taste. Discover our selection of the best home equipment to turn your home into a sports den.

The treadmill

This is the equipment of cardio training par excellence to be at home burning calories. It completely replaces a session of jogging outside. The treadmill or treadmill is especially suitable for people with a busy schedule. You can combine business with pleasure by doing your running session while watching TV, watching dinner or even watching the kids. This is the best way to stay motivated and exercise without the “I don’t have time” excuse.

The exercise bike

To work on your legs and your cardio, the exercise bike is the essential sports machine. This allows you to build muscle, but also to fat burning by adjusting the intensity of the resistance while pedaling. The exercise bike finds its place perfectly in a house or an apartment, whatever the room. It’s also perfect if you can’t balance on a regular bike and still want to take advantage of its body sculpting benefits.

training bike

The mat

This is one of the must-have sports accessories for floor exercises. It allows you to indulge in different exercises and finish your sports session in style. Great for the gym, fitness, burpees, yoga, abs, crunches or meditation at the end of the session, the mat on the floor should be non-slip for greater efficiency.

house sports floor mat

The elliptical trainer

To perform cardio training as if you were in a gym, the elliptical trainer has everything you need. Although it has no pedals, its platforms where you put your feet and the movements of the handlebars allow you to work all the muscles. It is also easier to obtain and find a good price in a private sports sale that offers professional equipment of individuals. The elliptical trainer is very efficient in burning maximum calories and getting good results at home.

The dumbbells

CREATE bodybuilding at home, it is important that you are equipped with dumbbells. You have a choice between different weights and sizes to use your entire body. Dumbbells are an important piece of equipment if you want to do weight lifting. gym or fitness. In fact, they make it possible to strengthen, tone and strengthen the muscles of the upper body by alternating different exercises. There is also a kettlebell which is a type of weight with a handle that allows you to do balance exercises. It is an ideal accessory for work on the back muscles and the buttocks for example by making squats.

dumbbells at home gym

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Elastic resistance bands

To work all the muscles of the body without having to disturb the machines, the bands of elastic resistance or straps TRX ideals. They allow you to work and body tone with his own strength. For muscle building, elastic bands are suitable for various forms of exercise. It is very practical because it is suitable for everyone depending on age, physical ability, joint possibilities or muscle strength. Just follow the exercise according to body area that you want to work to benefit from all their effectiveness. Discover below a series of exercises to lose belly and build muscle using rubber bands.

The weight bench

Bodybuilding lovers and followers of strengthening the body there is also ideal equipment to install at home. The weight bench is easy to find in sports stores, with all the accessories that allow you to train alone at home. the dumbbells essential for strength training. So you are spoiled for choice of weights, their size and the difficulty according to your level. A weight bench, also called a multifunction bench, allows you to do this bench press movements. It allows to work on pectoral musclesthe shoulders, but also the biceps and the triceps.

home weight bench

The stepper

Steppers have undergone a major revolution in recent years. In fact, from a large gym device, we moved to a more compact and practical device. So it is especially suitable for furnishing an apartment and is not large. A stepper is a device that simulates climbing stairs. This is the perfect exercise for muscles the legs and work on your cardio at home. he will go improve your immunity and endurance and allow you to work the quadriceps and calves. The ideal way to lose your saddlebags! With the stepper, it is possible to adapt the difficulty to your level and alternate the exercises so that different muscles are demanded.

stepper home sports device

Jump rope

Playful and inexpensive, the skipping rope is a piece of homemade sports equipment that doesn’t look like much, but is very effective. Allows you to work on your cardio, helps lose weight, gain flexibility and relaxing while having fun. All you need to do is find suitable sports shoes and organize an exercise program. Afterwards, you can increase the duration of the sessions as you go at your own pace. The goal is stay motivated to be persistent during your sports sessions and achieve your goals.

jump rope

The step

If you enjoy the step sessions indoors, you love to step around the house. There is nothing complicated, there is no fear if you do not do the movements of the coach in the same way. All you have to do is take this small step and set yourself a tutorial for a step session exercise at your own pace. As far as models are concerned, there is a full range of them with adjustable height according to your level, your performance and above all your goals.

The step is ideal for working the whole body, alternating different movements and tone of your number. The advantage is that you play sports while having fun with rhythmic instructions that you will not fail to find on the web.

The home rower

If you want your whole body to be effective, the rowing machine is your best ally. It allows you to work on the biceps, lumbar, shoulders, but also the abdominals at the same time. At the same time, the exercises on the rowing machine will target the lower body muscles. It concerns the quadriceps, glutes or calves. This is fitness equipment that allows you to enjoy a full workout at home. All while staying in the comfort of your apartment. This is ideal if you are starting to lose weight, as long as you are regular.

rower at home

The punching bag

with work your arms and sporting concrete biceps, the punching bag is an alternative. Just hang it up and bring your boxing gloves to practice in peace at home. A punching bag is an excellent stress reliever. It allows you to burn calories while releasing the pressure that has built up throughout the day. The results are amazing after a few weeks of diligent practice.

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Why equip your home with sports equipment?

Finding sports equipment and materials is perfect for a home gym. In fact, it is not always easy to find time to go to the gym or to better organize your schedule. But many other factors should succeed in convincing you to invest in home sports machines and equipment.

Doing sports at home is more convenient and more economical

Instead of finding yourself running between work, shopping, unexpectedly and having to go to the gym, having all the equipment at home is more practical. You can be more active and play games at home anytime. no pressure. This advantage is important to stay motivated. In fact, as soon as you start not being able to participate in sports sessions, you are filled with a spiral that forces you to postpone everything until later. Then you lose your goals. In addition, by investing in sports equipment at home, you will definitely spend money, but it is more than compensated by the many monthly payments from the gym.

Achieve your goals at your own pace

If you’re not a big athlete, gym workouts can destroy your motivation. In fact, seeing people in top form and who can go through the motions without any difficulty will make you want to throw in the towel. If you are not motivated enough, it affects your ego. Fortunately, with a well-equipped home, you can develop at your own pace. Without forcing others. Also, if motivation is an issue for you, you can sign up online teaching. Thus you will benefit from advice and regular follow-up.

Do it in the comfort of your home

Finally, if we had to add one reason to build a home gym, this is it ease. You can exercise more quickly while doing other tasks and save time. It’s also a great way to exercise at home, as a couple or as a family and find your balance.

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