weight training to burn calories?

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Both fashionable and effective, burpees neglect almost no muscle in your body. This cardio sequence, well done, is good for losing weight and improving endurance, but also for gaining speed and physical strength.

What are burpees?

Burpees are a series of exercises that are considered essential to bodybuilding. They are now sponsored by CrossFit. However, the existence of burpees began in the 1940s. It was an English scientist, who did research on physiology, who made this sequence of changes in position. In French, the term burpee can be translated as “squatting, jumping”, reminiscent of the movement of the frog. With this invention, Dr. Royal H. Burpee that with seven quick tests of physical abilities, it is possible to test the abilities of men.

At first, therefore, it is not a weight training exercise, but a real effort test. The goal is to do a number of burpees as fast as possible to measure the heart rate. Then, in America, the newly recruited young soldiers do this physical test, to check their abilities.

And for good reason, burpees demand many muscle groups, making this exercise a complete workout. The burpee has become a reference to participate in a sports routine, when losing weight, to stimulate the cardiovascular system or to get back in shape. However, to be fully effective, especially in promoting weight loss, burning calories and having a sculpted figure, burpee exercises must be performed correctly.

What are the benefits of burpees?

People who regularly do burpees often feel two antagonistic emotions: the difficulty of the exercises and the joy in front of the results.

Better stamina

Burpees are intense exercises that require a lot of effort. This is why they are stimulating for the cardiovascular system. In such cardio training, the heart rate increases. As a result, the heart is more efficient and the distribution of oxygen to the lungs is better. Your breath will be better. Like all cardio sports, burpees allow you to become more durable.

burpees to burn calories

Burpee is good for burning fat in someone who wants to lose weight. And to lose weight, you need to burn calories. However, the burpee is the ultimate fat burning exercise.

The development of his muscles

Many muscle groups are worked with burpees. They are demanded in depth, which makes it possible to strengthen the muscles. It is a very good complement to other sports, because it increases physical strength.

An exercise for many benefits

One of the main advantages of burpee is that once learned, it is an easy to remember series of exercises. This practice can be done anywhere, outdoors or at home. All you need is a suitable sports outfit and a pair of sneakers. As you train, you benefit from better coordination of your movements. Mobility is also optimized. Also, since you have to do the burpees quickly, you will be faster.

What muscles do burpees work?

The burpee, this combination of exercises, is practiced more, especially in crossFit gyms, because it is complete. In fact, many muscles and joints are recruited when doing burpees:

  • Pectorals, triceps and deltoids;
  • glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves;
  • the hip flexor muscles;
  • the stomach belt.

On the other hand, the back muscles are not asked to do burpees. To develop them, it is advisable to do targeted bodybuilding exercises, in the gym or at home.

Basically, it’s like 4 exercises. Now, in its most complete version, the burpee is a series of 6 exercises that follow one another immediately. You start in a standing position, legs slightly apart and feet shoulder-width apart:

  1. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Your arms are straight and your back is straight;
  2. throw your legs back, leaning on your arms, but above all using the strength of your legs. Then, lean on the tips of your feet: this is the plank position, the sheathing exercise par excellence;
  3. do a push-up: bend your elbows, your body is lying on the ground;
  4. return to plank position;
  5. jump forward to squat again;
  6. jump in the air, put your arms in the sky or put them on your chest.

Do burpees make you lose weight?

Burpees actually allow you to lose weight, because you lose calories by doing this sequence. The number of calories burned varies depending on your height, your weight and your exercise routine. On average, doing 15 burpees burns 20 calories.

3 tips for a successful burpee workout

warming up

As with any sport, warming up is important. If you’re at a CrossFit gym, you can warm up your muscles on the bike, or even on the treadmill. Don’t hesitate to rotate the wrists, neck and ankles. Don’t forget your warm-up, because burpees require a lot of sudden effort. Your muscles and joints need to be ready.

The accuracy

For the burpee to be effective, you need to perform one or more sets several times a week. Your sequence should, of course, be fast, but be sure to break down each movement well, at the risk of hurting yourself or not seeing satisfactory results. If you’re just starting out, take time to think through each exercise before doing your set.

equip yourself

Although the advantage of the burpee is that it does not require specific material, do not hesitate to bring wrist guards, especially if your joints are weak. Also, a heart rate monitor can be useful. Even if it is a cardio exercise, remember to check your heart rate and not exceed 160 beats per minute (bpm).

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