Weight loss: what sports should you do if you want to burn as much fat as possible?

by Jessica Meurens

Regular physical activity is more than recommended. If it is for health, heart and morale, it is more important if you want to lose weight. But what sport to choose to burn fat? We tell you everything.

As the season of summer and swimwear approaches, you may choose to make a balanced diet to regain your figure. And if you pay attention to your diet, it is also important to practice a sports activity to lose weight.

But if the goal is to burn fat, some sports are more recommended than others. This will help you sharpen in minimum time. Focus on these games that will allow you to reach your goals faster and feel better in your mind and body.

But be careful, this is not a magic wand that will sculpt the body of your dreams in an instant. These games, although they are perfect for quick fat loss, will still require a certain regularity, a little patience and effort.

It is also important to find a sport that you enjoy, first and foremost. In fact, it will be more effective if you are happy than if you see this activity as a constraint. In addition, by practicing a physical activity that you do not like, it is easier and easier to stop the risk.

Here are the sports that will allow you to burn the most fat

  • Running: allows you to burn between 500 and 1000 calories per hour.
  • The bike: allows you to burn between 400 and 900 calories per hour.
  • The rower: burns up to 800 calories per session.
  • Boxing: burns nearly 700 calories per hour.
  • Jumping rope: burn 700 calories per session.
  • Pumpkin: burns 600 calories per hour.
  • Rollerblading: allows you to burn between 450 and 550 calories per hour.
  • Team sports: for example, basketball burns more than 400 calories per game.
  • Swimming: burns at least 400 calories per hour.

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