Weight loss: Here’s how long you need to walk to lose weight and get back in shape this summer 2022

In this summer season, many of us want to refine our silhouette. A long-term bet because it usually takes time to improve weight loss. According to health professionals, however, regular physical activity is enough for our body to refine itself. And walking is also one of the most recommended techniques! How far do you have to travel for this game to be effective? We give you the answers today!

Weight loss: Why choose walking?

Walking is a sports activity that we practice every day, without even realizing it. Whether going to the office or in more advanced contexts, we are allowed the latter maintain a certain performance for our body. And this is one of the main advantages of walking in the face of weight loss. In fact, it prevents you from becoming sedentary or losing too much physical capacity over time.

On the other hand, know that walking has its advantages work in many parts of our body. How to make weight loss easier! It helps especially in sculpting the legs and the lower part of our body. But at the same time, it is also a good way to work on your breathing and your endurance. Everything will then depend on the speed of your movement. The same is true for the distance traveled during your workout.

How long does it take to walk?

It is not so much the duration that is important in walking but the distance covered and the speed of your movement. In any case, you can optimize weight loss by adopting the right behavior. So know thatA minute of walking can help you burn up to 5 calories. A little effort will easily be felt in your silhouette if you continue this process.

If health professionals are to be believed, then, it seems that the time it takes to lose a kilo can be significant. You can promote your weight loss this way by doing almost 30 hours of walking ! It is not necessary to do it all in one course. However, it is possible to do this in several sessions during the week. There are many opportunities for you to practice this relatively passive game!

Weight loss: How to optimize your walking session?

Now that you understand that it takes time to see weight loss results, it’s important to understand how to practice it effectively. Know that experts in the field recommend having the right equipment above all else. Whether it’s shoes or clothes, it will allow you to increase your abilities and make the most of your session.

Also remember that this trick is only effective if you pay attention to your diet. It is true that this is the first principle to respect in order to improve your weight loss. From now on, you can refine yourself without having to make a lot of effort!

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