“Weight-cutting”, this extreme weight loss that puts the lives of MMA fighters in danger

Patrick Kilejian

A mental fight before a brutal fight. The lives of fighters are put to the test in the ring or in the cage, and also outside. “Cutting”, a dangerous practice and an important step that must be respected in order to perform 100%.

In all combat sports, there are weight categories. Fighters must respect their fraction to fight and no one will be left behind. A rule that seems simple, but actually one calvary for professionals who must manage a psychological fight before a physical fight.

A dangerous practice

Do not think that this is a small weight loss. The practice of “cutting” is to achieve a weight below the natural weight, in many different ways.

First of all there is intensive exercises, which will make you lose fat, gain muscle, and get fit so that you don’t gain excess weight or even lose it. Then there is fOOD, a small food for those who have a very good metabolism and who fight in the more natural category. But for others it is an obstacle coursemath on the plate and the glass.

So far, everything seems right. But when losing weight, it is necessary5 to 20 kg in less than 1 month or 1 week, the game becomes more difficult, and even very dangerous. Exercising with as many sweaty clothes as possible, endless sauna sessions, hot baths and showers, salt baths and towel mummifications, all for unnatural dehydration.

You should also remember that nothing is 100% successful, the cut may have failed. LikeCharles Oliveira, who was stripped of his UFC lightweight belt, for being 200g overweight, even after a victory againstJustin Gaethje.

This massive weight loss also affects the mind, mood and concentration. Not every fighter can be 100% true. The worst is yet to come, for example, many warriors fainted, comatose, cardiac arrests and even died, during or outside of combat, because of this practice. Even today “cutting” is rampant even among the best.

Weight categories, a tricky system

Ban this practice? It’s obviously illogical, some have to lose weight to come back to fight after themselves. but set a deviation limitto avoid doing the elevator or construct natural categories through morphologymaybe, one day, it will be discussed.

Finally, is losing weight to fight in a category really worthwhile? Presenting your weight, making face-to-face, and therefore performance, is important in the sports industry. But if, once the gloves, the fighters are 5.10 or even 15 kilos, where is the equipment? Light weights become ways, ways become heavy, the established hierarchy is distorted.

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