Wayne Gretzky sued for $10M for lying about using gum for weight loss

We want to tell you that this story is a great journalistic file, but, let’s just say that summer is on its last legs and the game is still sleeping a little.

So here it is.

Wayne Gretzky, you know him, of course. Wayne Gretzky is the social media influencer, maybe a little bit. It is he who is (a little, but not really) in hot water.

Gretzky and expensive gum

TMZ Sports revealed this week that the hockey legend has a $10 million lawsuit against him.

Why? Because his wife Janet allegedly said on social media that using the weight loss gum, OMG Gum, helped Wayne lose 35 pounds.

Yes, that’s all.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the plaintiff, Steven Sparks, is behind the gum brand and accused the Gretzkys of giving this false testimony to increase the value of the company in which the family allegedly invested. Afterward, when the lie was revealed, the stock market price of the gum would have plummeted, causing a heavy financial loss to Sparks.

BuChew, the company behind OMG Gum, hired Janet Gretzky as an ambassador in 2017. To promote the product, she reportedly favored Wayne’s daily use of the gum to help him lose 35 pounds. The catch is, he was chewing gum…but he didn’t lose 35 pounds.

We know that advertising is a myth, but we have to believe that in the case of a product for weight loss, the said weight loss is important.

That was the big story of the day. $10 million for gum.

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