[VIDÉO] Heavy sentences for discharging a firearm in the middle of a street in Montreal

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Three dangerous criminals who opened fire on the street of a man trying to protect his wife should serve up to 12 years in prison, a judge has ruled, alarmed by the increasing number of shootings in Montreal.

“The increase in the frequency of these cases is alarming. The proliferation of firearms in our district is a real and shocking reality with which the court is unfortunately faced,” we read in the decision given on Tuesday by judge Patricia Compagnone.

The magistrate thus expressed himself by condemning Anass Ghazouani, Mohamed Kacimi and Soheyb Hammi for their crimes committed in September 2018.

At that time, the accused, aged 30 to 32, met a woman in the elevator on her way home. Ghazouani then stroked the victim’s chest, before following her to her apartment.

Seeing a stranger enter their house, the woman’s spouse kicked him out and then took a machete and chased him.

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Street shooting

Taking advantage of the man’s absence, Hammi and Kacimi then entered the woman’s house to beat her with the butt of a fake weapon, in addition to ransacking the place.

Soon, they found the mate under the building. His assailants fired 11 bullets in his direction, hitting him once in the leg as he sped away before taking refuge in a nearby building.

In the footage filed in court, the shooting victim can be seen trying to take refuge in an apartment building after being shot in the middle of the street.

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In the footage filed in court, the shooting victim can be seen trying to take refuge in an apartment building after being shot in the middle of the street.

“One of the projectiles placed in a taxi, like another placed in a neighboring apartment, said the judge. Remember that the weapon was apparently designed to kill.

Guilty of many charges, the three defendants hope to get out of this at least 6 years in prison, despite the trauma of the victims, including the woman who believes that she “was robbed of her life and destroyed his family.”.

“The court clearly understands this sad cry from the heart [de la femme], said the magistrate. The criminal acts committed by the accused are gratuitous, cowardly and violent.”

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Heavy lockers

The defendants, for their part, have few arguments to support the leniency they hope for. Ghazouani already has 16 previous convictions to his credit, including one for pimping.

Hammi has nearly 20 convictions, including some for violent crimes, while Kacimi has a criminal record of 98 convictions, including 44 since 2018.

“There are no mitigating circumstances in this case,” the judge said.

To make matters worse, Ghazouani has since fled justice by hiding in Morocco to avoid conviction.

Remembering the “social climate that prevailed for some time” in the metropolis, the judge thus imposed on Ghazouani, Kacimi and Hammi sentences of 12 years, 10 years, and 6 years and 9 months respectively.

The three are also prohibited from owning firearms for at least 10 years.

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