This amazing activity can lead to weight loss of up to 12 kg according to science

On a daily basis, our routine is made up of actions and movements that consume our energy. This is also the reason why it is necessary to respect a minimum energy intake, at the risk of feeling weak during the day, while adopting good exercise habits. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a break in front of your desk to walk, choose fresh vegetables instead of fries… These habits are slimming moves that are easy to introduce into your style. in life. But it is also possible to lose more weight with little or no effort.

Sleep to lose weight effortlessly

Put on your best pajamas and fall into bed, because for this method to lose weight, all you have to do is… Sleep more! This is strange, because we think that the body is inactive during our sleep, but in fact, at night, the body becomes active. During sleep, it releases a hormone that induce satiety : leptin. This last activates your metabolism, which has the effect of better assimilation of nutrients in the food eaten. The body stores less, especially fat, so it naturally loses weight.

On the contrary, if your nights are short, the body increases the assimilation of glucose, which promotes storage. But the lack of sleep cravings for sweet and fatty foods also increase, and logically, less sleep means more wakefulness and more time to eat. CQFD: the less you sleep, the greater your risk of gaining weight. More precisely, it will allow you to lose 12 kilos! This is according to the leader of the study, Esra Matali, who said: “If healthy sleep habits are maintained over a longer period of time, it will lead to clinically significant weight loss over time. Many people struggle to find ways to reduce their calorie intake to lose weight – well, just by sleeping, you can reduce it significantly.

How to sleep to lose weight?

By extending your nights by two hours, it is possible to lose weight while sleeping, ie to burn up to 200 extra calories at night! So get into the habit of going to bed early, with your things ready for the next day, so you can wake up later. It’s easy as pie, and it allows you to lose weight effortlessly. To take full advantage of the metabolic benefits of sleep, avoid large meals at night, otherwise the body will be too busy digesting to produce the hormones needed for weight loss.

obviously, sleep more part of the overall lifestyle. Having regular sleep schedules is essential to feeling fit each day. And sorry to break it to you, but sleep should not be more than an hour from your usual wake up call. Doing gentle physical activity in the morning also optimizes the body’s activity at night: take out your yoga mat or your sneakers and slowly activate yourself with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise or walking . You will truly wake up refreshed, and lose weight quickly. And if in doubt about your slimming habits, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to find the ideal balance!

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