The slimming benefits of figs

To lose weight permanently, it is necessary to adopt a healthy and varied diet. But seasonal too! Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight, because their nutrients meet the exact needs of your body at this time. In addition, they will be tastier. In September, we do not deprive ourselves of eating figs. An ideal fruit to melt a few pounds.

Can figs make you lose weight?

Figs won’t make you lose weight strictly speaking, but they can support you in your weight loss goal. Especially since it is an excellent appetite suppressant. It is rich in fiber, which allows it to improve the functioning of the digestive system and provide feeling full. So it contributes to a healthy diet and helps to avoid snacking. According to some studies, figs can also make it possible to melt body fat faster.

This fruit has a relatively low calorie intake: count 74 Kcal for 100 grams of fresh figs. On the other hand, it has a high carbohydrate content (glucose and fructose). So it is necessary to avoid abusing it because it is one of the sweetest fruit. Also be careful about giving preference to fresh figs on dried figsmore calories.

When to eat figs to lose weight?

In order not to send the call of cookies before dinner, do not hesitate to eat a fig as a snack. It will make you stop thanks to its appetite suppressing action.

Otherwise, to fight against night dreamsyou can make a mixed salad with figs for dinner.

If you want to eat fruit in the morning, know that figs are rich in potassium and iron, which allows them to give you a good level of energy for several hours. It is also recommended to eat one before and or after a sports session, to maximize the effects.

Eating figs: what are the effects?

Eating too many figs in one day can damage your intestines and have a laxative effect. Be careful not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

Figs can also be responsible for an oral allergy syndrome, in people who suffer from pollen allergies. So be careful.

Finally, choose fresh organic figs and remember to wash the fruit thoroughly before eating it.

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