The new Haibike Lyke for quick weight loss.

Need or want to lose weight? Do you like to ride a bike or do you not think about the idea of ​​doing it? If your answers to these two questions are “yes”, mix business with pleasure Habike Lyke. Haibike caught the attention of resellers during Pro-Days 2022 that took place from July 3 to 5 in Paris with a VTTAE called “Lyke”.

The new Haibike Lyke is the perfect way to slim down and get in shape! This e-bike has a powerful motor that gives you a boost when you need it. This allows you to easily follow cyclists around you. The engine also helps to make climbing hills easier. In addition, With its sophisticated design and light weight, the Lyke is easy to carry and maneuver. Best of all, Haibike Lyke comes with a free one-year subscription to Diet-to-Go, so you can start working on your weight loss goals today! Order your Haibike Lyke today and get ready to feel better than ever!

Haibike Lyke, what is it worth?

Super-light and powerful, the maximum torque of 60 Nm.

Haibike’s soon-to-be-released model called “Lyke” is quite versatile. Very good, this new product Haibike original The German has 29″ wheels attached to a 140 mm travel platform, in front, as well as in the back. It adds its Ride 60 motor from Fazua and its 430 Wh battery. The new help on the Ride 60 guarantees 60 Nm of torque and a maximum power of 250 W. The frame is very well thought out, it easily accepts the Fazua Energy 210 external battery that further extends the autonomy of the bike.

First full suspension carbon mountain bike in its class.

The brand has come out of its comfort zone to offer a bike that meets the growing needs of consumers: light assistance, small battery, shock absorber in the extension of the top-tube … The Lyke is available in 3 version: Lyke CF SE , Lyke 11, Lyke 10. Their frame is full carbon except for the alloy rocker. These versions will be offered soon in their specific color depending on the version.

More than just a German-made concept bike.

As a reminder, the Lyke shares the same engine as the Pivot Shuttle SL with which it competes. At the same time, it also plays in the same category as the Specialized Levo SL, the Orbea Rise or even the Trek Fuel Exe. With “Led Hub”, Fazua seems to play the integration card smartly. This control screen is located above the top tube. Lyke is thus equipped with a minimalist control called “Ring Control”. The latter is located on the handlebar and allows you to choose the type of assistance you want.

Of course, the “Fazua” app can be compatible with the machine to know the presets and adjust the VTTAE operation immediately. Referred to as “trail” the saddle has an effective angle of 74 ° and a head angle of 65 °. Regarding the reach, it is average: 452 mm, size M.

Effective weight loss with Haibike Lyke.

do sports makes it possible to lose weight faster and more effectively, but this is certainly not the first time you have heard it. Did you also know that riding your e-MTB is equivalent to walking at a moderate pace uphill? Yes, in an hour of walking without a motor you can burn up to 1000 calories. To lose weight without doing a slimming food, you can pedal without assistance between 20 and 30 minutes a day. Of course, for quick results, you can do a diet.

Pedaling and following an effective slimming diet: the winning combo.

Getting out of the house relieves stress and ventilates the brain for good brain health. But surely you want more than that, and you probably don’t want to walk around your neighborhood every day. Discover other horizons and do exercises that your neighbors can’t see with eMTB.

In this case, you can add other goals such as losing weight and gaining muscle mass while pedaling. This is now possible because of the electrically assisted bicycle. You can activate the power assist as you arrive at your destination. Then, deactivate it to pedal at your own pace once you arrive at the park, for example.

Of course, you should hydrate yourself and avoid certain food categories that do more harm than good. A healthy and balanced diet combined with a few minutes of daily cycling will allow you, on the one hand, to live happily and happily, and on the other hand, to achieve your goal.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language that everyone can use. In NO CASE, the information provided is a substitute for the advice of a health professional.

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