The guide to the best sports to lose weight

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Exercise is good for physical and mental health. Sport allows you to improve your physical condition, prevent diseases, strengthen the heart system and have a beautiful figure. From a psychological point of view, it helps to fight against stress and increase self-confidence. Everyone can practice a sports activity, any age and any level. Here is a guide to the best games to lose weight at home or in the gym. What sports program is done to lose weight and stay in shape? How many hours of sport per week do you need to lose weight?

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What sport to lose weight at home?

For people who want to exercise alone, where and when they want, the best is exercise at home to lose weight. The advantage is that at home, they can lose weight quickly, if they always try. In addition, it does not require carrying a car or having equipment. A sports outfit, a pair of sneakers or even a floor mat is enough. Sports training at home can be intense, but of short duration (15 minutes per day). The sports program to lose weight at home can, for example:

  • 30 seconds to 1 minute of sheathing (plank): lie on the ground, on your stomach and lean on your arms and toes while holding this position;
  • 10 squats in a row: stand with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and act as if you need to sit down, then stand up;
  • 10 lunges in a row: take a big step forward by bending the knees, then bring the feet together again and switch to the other leg;
  • 10 jumping jacks: first feet together and arms along the body, to do a jump spread legs and arms. Back with both feet and so on;
  • a series of 10 steps: up and down one step.

This sports program allows lose weight in the stomach, thighs and buttocks, in addition to strengthening the whole body. These fitness exercises refine the silhouette.

What gym program to lose weight?

Some people need specific equipment or a group to motivate themselves. So they can go to the gym. A sports coach gives advice and meeting other athletes (beginners or experienced) gives a taste of the challenge. There are group courses and individual programs. An elliptical trainer is a best sports to lose weight and makes the body stronger and toned. An elliptical trainer is a device that sits between a bicycle and a treadmill. It demands all the muscles of the upper and lower body. Also, it is gentle on the joints. By practicing 30 minutes of elliptical trainer, 300 to 500 kcal will be burned. Regarding the number of calories burned, it depends on the person’s build and his metabolism. Calorie expenditure varies according to a woman or a man.

Indoor cycling is the same a good sport to lose weight and lose fat. Unlike the elliptical trainer, it works the lower body more. Thus, it helps shape the buttocks and refine the thighs. The abs are the same. Indoor cycling burns between 350 and 450 kcal for a 45-minute session. It is suitable for weak joints. Regarding group lessons, you are spoiled for choice: step, gymnastics, zumba, crossfit … In any case, you have to choose a sports program that gives happiness above all else.

What sports program to lose weight?

The ideal way to lose weight effectively and sustainably is to do a “cardio” game. Running is one of the best sports to lose weight, in addition to being frugal. Jogging burns about 850 kcal per hour. When someone starts, they start with 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, 30 minutes and so on. Running twice for 30 minutes per week is better than running once for 1 hour. It is the regularity of physical effort that is important.

Swimming is an excellent exercise to lose belly fat and refine the body in general.. Swimming burns between 530 and 800 kcal per hour. Team sports, such as badminton and beach volleyball, are fun, in addition to consuming about 500 kcal per hour. People who practice these endurance sports lose weight, stay in shape and maintain their health.

The best sport to lose weight is the one that people choose, because they enjoy it and do it regularly. It is useless to insist on doing a sport that is hated, because the person who wants to lose weight will not last. Of course, it is strongly recommended to watch your lifestyle to lose weight and balance your diet.

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