The best ankle weight

Ankle and wrist weights are beneficial for everyone fitness exercises. They help to improve performance and sports abilities or to increase efforts, in a search for bodybuilding or weight loss. Before investing and to avoid mistakes, here is everything you need to know ankle weights.

What ankle weights should I choose?

In the radius of ankle weights, there are different models, which vary according to size, exercise and of course weight. You can find weights from 500 grams to several kilograms. Beginners opt for lighter weights before adding ballast as they go. It is better to avoid starting exercises with heavy weights, instead learn to increase the loads gradually, according to the evolution of your training.

Inevitably, your efforts and feelings will increase tenfold with heavier weights. So you should choose them according to your different habits. If you want to train as part of fitness or rehabilitation, choose light weights. If you want to build muscle and lose weight, increase the loads.

Amongst all ankle weight models, some are also adjustable for wrists. Thus they can adapt to your preferences and your different sports exercises. The adjustable straps, available in many weights, thus make it possible to correspond to many desires and morphologies. Different sizes of weights also help everyone’s comfort and can be adjusted according to different profiles.

Why use ankle weights?

Ankle weights allow you to emphasize efforts and work the muscles in depth. How? Weights increase the feeling of resistance and make your body and muscles work harder to perform your movements. You can burn more calories because the intensity of your training will increase tenfold. Over time, the muscles in your legs and glutes will build more easily.

You can use the weight on your ankle for different activities: walking, running, swimming but also all fitness exercises, cardio or weight training. You can also find weights for combat sports.

Ankle Weight: The Dangers

Be careful, ankle weights are not without risk. The excess weight produced by the weights can affect our body, especially at the level of the joints. Even during daily walking or during running or swimming training, the use of weights can be harmful in the long term.

Weight can also cause many injuries, by throwing our body out of balance and weakening the nerves. We think of sprains, tendonitis, premature wear of cartilage, etc. To avoid this type of injury, choose a static application of weightsduring fitness or bodybuilding exercises.

The best ankle weight


Wrist and ankle weights, Proiron

  • 1kg weight
  • Adjustable fastening strap
  • Velcro closure

Price: €19.99


Flexlock Ankle Weights, Reebok

  • 2kg weight
  • Secure wrap-around velcro strap
  • Silicone content

Price: €26.96


Adjustable ankle weight, XN8

  • Weight 500g, 750g or 3kg
  • Adjustable strap
  • Breathable, soft, comfortable and stretchy nylon fabric

Price: €23.99


Ankle Weight Exercise, Creetee

  • 1kg weight
  • Adjustable Velcro paste closure
  • Waterproof

Price: €29.99


Ankle weight, etc

  • 340 g weight
  • Roll-up and adjustable weight
  • Waterproof

Price: €27.51

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