Stéphanie Harvey talks about her journey as a pioneer in the video game industry

Stéphanie “miss” Harvey talks about retirement in her book, Missharvey, gamer and proud of it, which appears this week in Éditions de l’Homme. The one who last year emerged victorious from the show Famous Brothers telling anecdotes of youth not so long ago. There is no doubt that if his life was a video game, Freedom 36 would probably be the title…

However, we must qualify: retirement from electronic sport (or ” e-sport as said) is not a full professional retirement. the gamer became an entrepreneur and even a university researcher had more professional projects coming up than the projects he turned his back on.

“I was like a professional player who retired from hockey and then pursued a career as a television analyst,” explained Stéphanie Harvey in To be necessary. I don’t think you can do a semi-retirement in the world of electronic sports, it has become so competitive. »

Five-time world champion in competitions related to shooting games and military strategy counter strike, entrepreneur, small screen personality and influencer, the current Montrealer has a track record as full as a retiree from any sports league. Except that his own league fills stadiums and arenas by opposing opponents sitting in front of a screen.

More ceilings

Throughout the 232 pages of her autobiography, the author (another title she could add to her CV if she still needed a CV) describes herself as a woman who loves challenges, who is driven by performance, who has a great intellectual capacity and who does not. wanting to hide himself from the limitations imposed on him. not sacred Canada’s Finest Man on CBC who wants. Stéphanie Harvey also emerged victorious from the third season of this series.

And yet, we learn as we read that his success is sometimes based on decision-making that contradicts this description: allowing himself to flow like a river to avoid pitfalls, making great decisions on a whim, melt in the mold…

“Sometimes I take things for granted, in the sense that I rarely have a specific plan, he says. brother It really struck me and when it was offered to me, I bowed. Same thing before in my career at Mr. Net, where host Denis Talbot invited me to join and I said yes. »

Stéphanie Harvey also thanked in her book the famous host of the now defunct Musique Plus channel and now producer of Radio Talbot, an almost daily video game webcast. Thanks to these two and some other Quebec personalities from this universe in the last ten years, we now know that there is more to video games than the young people who spend a lot of time in front of on the television in the basement. . It is a richer industry and more recognized worldwide than cinema.

This is not a spotless industry. A young woman who wants to do like the Mario brothers and smash some ceilings, in what was and still remains a man’s world, video games, has to make sacrifices. itself from time to time. Not all leaders of a video game studio need to negotiate with a landlord who visits them with his fly open and his face exposed. Neither are women. And yet. The anecdote does not return to the past Mrs. Harvey.


The author wrote it then said it, and that’s understandable: it’s more pleasant for him to talk about his future projects than to think about memories like this. The semi-retired woman also has her mind full of projects, she is currently responsible for the development of Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), the electronic sports subsidiary of the Madison Square Garden Company, a New York giant in sports and entertainment. .

Raising awareness of electronic sports in Quebec is a priority. “We play more video games in Quebec than anywhere else, but thee-sport remains very little known to the general public”, he said.

That could change in the coming months. The University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières should announce later this fall the creation of an ambitious area of ​​research in electronic games. Stéphanie Harvey will address ethical and business issues. Video games are a gateway for many young people to cybercitizenship, another topic that has difficulty establishing itself, at school and in family discussions.

This is where Mrs. Harvey hopes to have the biggest influence. Making tomorrow’s citizens responsible cybercitizens will correct many mistakes in today’s digital world: cyberthreats, cyberbullying, cyberaddiction… And if other books are needed to get the word out, the “gamer” is ready who pulls the pen, which, according to the saying, is often mightier than the sword.

Even the sword of Geralt de Riv, the famous hero of the game The Witcher, where Netflix turned down a TV series and which the young entrepreneur loved? Maybe. “I have already imagined an environment like this. It just lacks a story,” said Stéphanie Harvey, the “gamer” who won brother

Missharvey, gamer and proud of it

Stéphanie Harvey, Editions l’Homme, Montreal, 2022, 232 pages.

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