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Yoann Riou is a sports commentator and candidate for Beijing Express Celebrations. She made a name for herself on TF1’s Dancing with the Stars. His dance partner, Emmanuelle Berne, remains a close friend of his. He also accepted the metamorphosis of the journalist.

Well known for his passion and his unfailing sense of humor, Yoann Riou has experienced an impressive transformation. He challenged himself and be careful with it! Besides, at Dance with the stars, the 44-year-old sports journalist has seen his body change dramatically. In fact, he lost a lot of weight.

Yoann Riou: the Dancing with the Stars adventure

He rushes himself into the adventure, knowing that he may have trouble with the choreography. According to his partner, Emmanuelle Berne, he lost approximately 22 kilos. Yoann Riou went from 105 to 83 kilos in just 4 months. And for that, there is no secret!

Emmanuelle Berne wrote in a post on Instagram: ” I congratulate my dance partner who has not been released for 4 months! Sport and diet changed the life of my Yoann Riou! » It was in November 2019 that he shared shocking photos with journalists. We can say thathe has changed!

The dancer continued: You keep going every day, even when I don’t. This is just the beginning of a new life. As you said yourself, you are prone to diseases, bronchitis, and since you changed your way of life, not a single disease! » Yoann Riou’s weight loss, good diet and exercise seem to have a magical effect on him.

The recipe for successful weight loss

Emmanuelle Berne concludes: ” There is no miracle diet, but it’s the whole thing and the regularity that matters. Good hydration for drainage, balanced diet and regular exercise! Don’t give up! » So here it is the perfect recipe to lose weight, as confirmed by Yoann Riou.

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The journalist and his former dance partner remain close. He never fails to sing to her on her birthday every year. As for Yoann Riou, he does not hesitate to comment on the dancers’ publications. He also seems to be very close to Denitsa Ikonomova or Maxime Dereymez. In any case, he has joined the DALS family!

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