Seppic’s wesource™ reveals its active ingredients in 2022

For 2022, the influential Pantone Color Institute named Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri as the color of the year. This new purple-infused blue is defined as a bold color that reflects the growing presence of technology in everyday life and encourages inventiveness.

In fact, in extreme times of isolation and health uncertainty, consumers rely heavily on the digital and scientific domains, leading to interest in technologies even in the cosmetics industry.

Inspired by this new Pantone color and its meaning, wesource has chosen its cosmetic active ingredient of the year 2022: Celtosome™ Eryngium maritimum.

An active ingredient obtained from a flower with the color Peri

On the Brittany coast grew theEryngium maritimum is a species of flowering plant, also called sea panicaut. This plant stands like a sapphire in the middle of the dunes of Brittany: decorated with a blue-violet flower, it is precious and protected.

Beyond color, an active ingredient derived from biotechnology

Thanks to its inventiveness and appetite for technology, wesource offers this precious flower in the cosmetic industry thanks to CELTOSOME™ technology. This makes it possible to cultivate dedifferentiated plant cells in bioreactors in a sustainable way, without harvesting the plant and affecting biodiversity. A concentrated active ingredient, CELTOSOME™ Eryngium maritimum, is thus obtained, with a specific composition of phenolic acids and flavonols, for the renewal and firmness of the skin.

This is how wesource unleashes the power of plants through biotechnology to reveal beauty.

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