Sad reality of a woman who should be happy

I am a retired woman, spouse of a former businessman who is also retired. Our children and their families are doing well, if I compare their situation to most people who are living the pandemic with great difficulty on many levels. I should have been happy, but I wasn’t. For various reasons, my circle of friends hasn’t been the same since the health measures were lifted. For his part, my husband continued his sports activities with his friends, and that kept him busy for a few hours every week. And as we always preserve the spaces of individual freedom, he and I will not interfere in his circle. Especially since the pandemic that locked us together 24 hours a day for a long time, the need to fan himself healed him, while I weakened.

I feel like my body is dragging me every day when I get up. The “doing nothing” of the day weighs me down, and I wonder what on earth I’m doing. It’s impossible to tell my husband that, because he’ll suggest I go shopping to clear my mind, he won’t hear me complain.

It’s true that there are worse than me, I know it. But why don’t I have the right to express my discomfort? It was as if I had no right, too, to experience the aftermath of a pandemic that I found difficult. My daughters push me back so that I can rediscover the taste of dressing and make-up, but I can’t do it. Just as I am not able to tell them that what motivates me every day is the afternoon aperitif that I take earlier and earlier and that I take later and later in the evening. In short, I sank, not knowing how to recover. I don’t want anything and I’m shy to talk.

Tired of the flat life

In psychology, we say that “our life is in the image of what we make of it”. But let’s be honest in admitting that the two years we’ve been through have led to many difficult back roads. Don’t worry, just because we have everything to be happy doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to be sad sometimes, because of the strict social consequences imposed on us by the state of health we have. crossing, all of us.

You need to put aside your shyness to talk openly and honestly with your husband about your feelings. Because sooner or later, he will suffer the consequences. You should also consult your doctor to check whether physically or mentally you don’t have anything bothering you. This weakness that invades you and prevents you from taking care of yourself as before is not normal, and the reason must be known. Just as it is in your best interest to return to healthier drinking, because that will also affect your psychological state, and not for the better.

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