Revival of Pâtisserie Gaudet: Line Lamothe is interested

August 25, 2022

Revival of Pâtisserie Gaudet: Line Lamothe is interested

By: Martin Bourassa

More and more players are interested in relaunching activities at Pâtisserie Gaudet in Acton Vale. After the Martin Dessert company in Quebec, now a former manager and shareholder of the Valoise company raised his hand to show his interest.

Line Lamothe and a group of investors intend to do everything to buy Gaudet’s assets and restart the production of pies and tarts. The company’s general manager from 2008, then co-shareholder from 2015 to 2017, says he is ready to come out of retirement to get the company back on track. “I can’t sit at home with my arms crossed and let a CEO disappear like this. I can’t leave 115 employees to their fate without reacting. I’m restarting the my contacts and surrounded myself with strong financial partners. We put grease on the arm and roll up our sleeves, but it doesn’t stay there,” announced Ms. Lamothe, who said she left a healthy business in 2017 with a turnover of $23 million.

Although he still struggles to explain how his former company ended up with debts of $23.8 million five years after his departure, despite the help of $4.3 million from Investissement Québec in 2021, Line Lamothe believes that the a successful recovery is possible and realistic.

“I will bring my team back and I have not set myself a deadline, but I fully intend to start again with a strong foundation and take it one step at a time. »
The fire at the head office and the old production unit in the center of the city is in his view a blessing in disguise for interested buyers like him because the modern equipment needed for production has not been there since then.

“When I receive the green light from the trustee, I will go to see the condition of the equipment in the new factory in the industrial park. That is the big question mark in my mind, but I think everything is in place to restart the engine,” added the businessman, who confirmed that the identity of his partners will be known in time and place.

“There is nothing hidden with me, people know me and I believe that former employees and suppliers will follow me in this adventure. »

I wonder if Line Lamothe and his group will be the highest bidder. As LA PENSÉE reported exclusively on August 17, at least one other buyer is in the running.

The CEO of the Martin Dessert company, Denis Martin, ogles Gaudet, is salivating. He is very interested in restarting production in Acton Vale to diversify his frozen desserts offer. And other buyers may also come forward once the trustee sells the assets. The latter intends to liquidate them en bloc to the highest bidder. This operation is imminent.

As for Boulangerie St-Donat, a well-known name in the Quebec bakery industry, we are following the file with interest.
Its CEO Marie-Ève ​​​​​​​​St-Amour did not want to tell LA PENSÉE if he would submit an offer to the trustee, but he seems to have no doubt that there will be strong interest. “Gaudet’s bankruptcy created a vacuum in the market and it is said that nature abhors a vacuum…”

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