Returning from vacation: how to lose 3kg quickly?

That’s it, back to school. You make the most of the holidays, you don’t miss ice creams, aperitifs, barbecues and sweets… And you’re right! You also need to know how to have fun. Only, returning to the scale, painful observation: the 3 kg lost before the summer are back! Don’t panic, we explain to you how to lose 3 kg quickly.

Return to physical activity

Let’s face it, except for the most sporty among us, this summer is more siesta by the pool or the beach and short walks in the villages than jogging every morning! It’s normal, we also need to take time for ourselves and forget our obsession with always wanting to lose weight. Unfortunately, the 3 kg you lost by following our article “10 tips to lose weight before summer” is back. Back to school is an opportunity to register or re-register with a club or gym. Practice a physical activity is the best way to help us lose weight. You can choose your favorite sport, the one you practiced last year, or take advantage of it to dare a new experience: skateboarding, climbing, surfing and breaking will be on the program of the 2024 Olympic Games, you can discover them. now! 30 minutes of sport a day is enough to get visible results and lose extra pounds. Thus, swimming, running or muscle strengthening exercises will allow you to move even if you have less time to spend on sports. The ideal remains a variety of activities to demand each part of our body. If you really don’t have time to travel, try something different apps which encourages the practice of sports. Online coaches, cardio and/or body exercises, and even personal programs are now available on all our smartphones. We bet you’ll find one that suits you in less than a month.

Create new habits

Always looking to move, the start of a new school year is also an opportunity to seize new habits. Using the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the far end of the car park to walk to the supermarket, getting off at a station before our stop, walking or cycling instead of taking the car… it’s all solutions to burn calories throughout. the day without even realizing it. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Accept the challenge?

Have a balanced diet

Maybe you didn’t read our “summer weight loss” article to help you stay on track during your holidays. Nothing to lose! In addition, there is no point in starting a severe diet or fasting to lose 3 kg at the beginning of the school year. By adopting a balanced and healthy diet, almost one month is enough to lose your “vacation pounds”. A donut here, a pizza there. So temporarily leave cakes and fatty and sweet products. For more efficiency, also avoid sugary drinks (such as soda, but also fruit juices) and alcohol. However, be careful not to take revenge and over-consume once the extra kilos are gone! Gotta stay reasonable… The fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, can improve your transit and actively participate in your weight loss. You can also consume Whole grains, also rich in fiber. To be more full, choose good proteins. Fish, white meat, legumes and eggs will keep you full and banish afternoon cravings. Finally, stay hydrated. drink plenty of water is essential to limit water retention, even if it seems counterintuitive to you. If classic water doesn’t appeal to you, add fresh fruit to flavor it without being too sweet. the green tea is a great natural fat burner and you can also drink herbal teas. Find all our tips for losing 3 kg in this article.

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