Pop megastar Harry Styles hits the big screen with ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

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Paris (AFP) – The Dystopian thriller of 1950s America, “Don’t Worry Darling” arrives in French theaters on Wednesday, with pop megastar Harry Styles on the screen and preceded by rumors and controversies that have plagued the production.

This second feature film by director Olivia Wilde, with Styles, is one of the event films at Mostra at the beginning of September.

Presented from the competition, “Don’t worry Darling” is a kind of “Truman Show”, brought up to date and influenced by the cinema of M. Night Shyamalan or “Black Mirror”, a nightmarish series of the future and technology.

Florence Pugh (“The Daughters of Dr. March”, “Black Widow”) plays Alice, a well-rounded young woman who lives in Victory, a small model town built in the middle of middle of the desert by a mysterious businessman, played by Chris. refined

Like all her neighbors, Alice has a life regulated like clockwork, and, a priori, everyone is happy with Jack (Harry Styles), her partner, who leaves every morning for a job that he didn’t know.

beautiful and evil

In exchange for this material benefit, Victory has only one rule: its inhabitants must never leave the city limits. A taboo that Alice will soon break, at her own peril…

“Everything is a metaphor, the paradox of Victory is that everything beautiful is also ugly”, explained Olivia Wilde during the Venice festival.

This entertainment is “like a Trojan horse” that should make the audience think, in addition to the director, who wants to face the issue of power and its abuse, relationships between men and women or the consequences of relief. material to some in the lives of others…


His actor and partner Harry Styles is not completely new to the cinema, and especially holds one of the roles of the soldier in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” (2017).

But the one who will soon have the leading role in “My Policeman”, on Amazon Prime Video, definitely wants to go up a level in this new film. “I don’t want to think too much about the future,” he said, when asked about the possibility of combining music and cinema.

“Making music is very personal”, while on the contrary, in the cinema “we pretend to play someone else, and that’s the fun”, he continues.

Florence Pugh, she did not participate in the press conference of the film, its production surrounded by many rumors and controversies: the first male role was especially attributed to Shia Labeouf before falling to Harry Styles.

“Without endless tabloid gossip and all the noise around us, the internet feeds itself,” the director once quipped. “I don’t need to contribute to it.”

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