NARRATION: Angélique Gérard, an inspiring French entrepreneur

What sensations do you enjoy driving a car?

A.G : The sense of comfort is undeniable, with this sense of superiority that I often feel because of the need as a leader. The power of the six cylinders in line, associated with the efficiency of the hybrid engine, is just as remarkable, with capabilities that can be felt from the first meters. The new Range Rover is determined to go where others won’t. As a leader, administrator, mother, teacher and strategic advisor, I am more than an off-roader! Practicing it in a pure state is an experience I want right away! It is the right balance between performance and safety, which I often need in my life to get off the beaten track with always measured risk-taking, which I can see driving my Range.

What details do you pay attention to while driving?

A.G : The overall disconnection and the feeling of freedom that such a car can provide. A reassuring and peaceful presence. Calm, connection, comfort, sound in particular, thanks to the acoustic reducer, a real high-tech surprise in the cabin. Embedded technology, such as continuous remote updating of more than 70 electronic modules, is literally put to the service of this sanctuary. It allows you to remove all external stimuli to clear your mind and truly devote yourself to the pleasure of driving. As I do in managing my projects or in sporting practice where I am a great enthusiast — with love, vision and conviction.

As a business woman, what, in order of importance, are the key values ​​you hold when choosing your car and how does the new Range Rover model respond?

A.G : I am very demanding, so prioritizing important values ​​is a difficult exercise. I had to tick all the boxes to be impressed, and the new Range Rover won the bet hands down: elegance of lines, dynamism and fast recharging capacity of 50 kW DC. The charging level can reach 80% in less than an hour, making it one of the fastest hybrids to recharge. In short, perfection, if you’re always in a hurry like me! Add to that an experience brand, whose DNA is full of technological innovation and respect for its historical values, and I’m on board right away!

When you are told love, vision, goodness, strength, sense of aesthetics, what images come to your mind?

A.G : My battles are many but with the same line of conduct: unchanging values ​​of respect for my history and what constitutes Humanity. My favorite themes: equality, diversity, intuitive and sincere experience, the marriage of technology and the human, the connection of emotions and the importance of changing the environment. I look, sometimes unconsciously, in all the choices I have to make every day, these strong convictions that define me. The new Range Rover is the perfect synthesis: it brings inclusive and non-gendered values, far from the clichés of SUVs, which are synonymous with male exclusivity. I also dedicate my next few years to the education of female talents in STEM, who I hope will make a growing contribution to the automotive sector, by feeling more welcome and considered, from design and design in technology … including driving!

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