Mylène Mackay: the joy of experiencing things far from her life

Mylène Mackay loves her work as an artist. Even though it was intense at times, it allowed him to experience things he wouldn’t have otherwise. The young woman was satisfied. In addition, he reunited with the cinema and he fell in love with a chef!

We will see Mylène Mackay in her role of Alicia Dessureaux, since the second season of Les Honorables, seen by others at Club illico, will be broadcast on TVA from September 13.

“It’s been a tough second season. The premiere was so bad!” This second chapter is also the last. “I don’t think we can continue after the way it ended.”

Mylène has fond memories of this filming experience.

“I am very happy to be a part of this series. I met a family of actors that I want to work with! And the director Louis Choquette is amazing!”

He is happy that the series is coming to TVA after having an earlier life at Club illico.

“It gave him a new life. I have the impression that it will find a wider audience.

How do we find Alicia?

“His mourning for his brother is not over. The wound is still alive in the family, who chose to take justice into their own hands; there is also the hovering one, explained the actress. We remember that Ludovic (Patrick Huard) killed someone in self-defense. Then there was a trial and he was chosen by his father as a lawyer.

Alicia is on medication. “He’s in post-traumatic shock from what Tristan Rabeau (Kevin Houle) did to his experience and he lives with guilt because of the fact that his brother died a little because of this story. So he repeats the dreams , panic attacks … “

For an artist, is it difficult to act and experience many intense emotions for the purpose of a fiction?

“Of course it takes energy. When I shoot this thing, I’m disciplined. I go to bed early and I eat well, because these are big hard days for the body, which absorbs the information and the emotions that we live it, he says. Other than that, I’m happy to do business that I can’t live without!

On August 29, Mylène started shooting a film that she can’t talk about at the moment, but she’s happy with this return to the seventh art!

“I’m going to shoot all fall. I’m so happy to be back in the movies! It’s an art I love so much! I haven’t done it since Sam, which we shot in 2020. I usually watch on TV during the pandemic. There was Sans rendez-vous, Les Honorables, and I just finished Before the crash…»

Mylène is about to find her director for Les Honorables, Louis Choquette. This is the Les révoltés series, for Club illico. “I want to work with Louis again, so I’m happy!”

At the beginning of the summer, Mylène Mackay presented her lover, the chef of the restaurant Le Rouge Gorge, André Nicolàs Medina, to the media.

“We’ve been together for a year now.”

But it’s not because she’s dating a chef that Mylène isn’t allowed to cook meals for him!

“He let me cook if I wanted to. But it’s true that he loves cooking as much as I love playing, so I can never get the chef in his kitchen! he admitted.

He said to me, “Whatever you do, I love it!” He was so happy to have someone cook for him! I can make him peanut butter toast and he’s touched!” he is a joke.

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