Marieve Lemay | “This truck that knocked me over was a gift”

Mariève Lemay was run over by a truck at 1er January 2016, in Thailand, 13,161 kilometers from his home, specified the author who signed One day life sent me a truck. This book is the story of a slow rebuilding and transformation. Interview.

Posted on August 31st

Olivia Levy

Olivia Levy
The Press

Almost six years after her serious accident, Mariève Lemay still has back pain and her right leg remains weak, but she is calm. “I was celebrating my 36th birthday, and I told myself that this truck that knocked me over was a gift,” he said. It was a long and painful rebuild, but I am much happier now. »

On the first day of 2016, at 5 am, on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, Mariève was run over by a truck, without lights, that did not stop. A hit and run. He suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis, hip, collarbone and both legs. Frankly, at One day life sent me a truck, he recounted his long months in bed, his intense pain and his years of rehabilitation. He went through denial, anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, loneliness.


Mariève Lemay, in a wheelchair, a few weeks after her accident

“I am a very active person, and there, lying in bed, I feel like a prisoner, I can’t help but ask for help. Everything is complicated, even going to the toilet is a huge failure,” he said.

The hardest thing, beyond the physical and psychological suffering, is that there is no deadline for my recovery.

Marieve Lemay

“I had eight operations and each time, I was told that this was the last one, with a 95% chance of success … no work. no ossification. »

Once released from the hospital, Mariève did not accept her condition and isolated herself. “I’ve been in denial for four years, holding on to the woman I was before the accident. It’s hard to mourn a part of yourself. I can’t accept being in a wheelchair, no longer independent, no longer able to drive, told that I can’t run anymore. One of the ways to stay in Mariève used to be to drown me in alcohol and drugs, which reduced my suffering. »

He also remembers the past, unable to forgive himself for not going home with his best friend the night of the accident and how he preferred to party until dawn. “There is no point, because ‘ifs’ are not time machines. »

Review your values

After her accident, Mariève tried to return to work very quickly, but she did not recover and it went wrong (she was a pharmaceutical representative). “I had to give up part of my life as well, the ambitious businessman. »

I realized that my life was empty before and I only measured my happiness by success and money. I think a lot about who I am and what I want in life, about the values ​​that are important to me.

Marieve Lemay

“I am now a coach, I offer support to people who have experienced trauma. He pointed out that there is a psychological sphere of healing. “I do a lot of meditation and visualization. It is important that you believe in your recovery, to be optimistic. »


Mariève Lemay poses with her dog, who helped her heal.

The young woman discovered in her accident that her surroundings were good. “I didn’t realize that my family and friends loved me. My father’s relationship is stronger, as are my friends. Reading the book was more difficult for my mother. I realized that he was the only person I let go of, that I didn’t agree with. I shared all my worries and frustrations with her, and all the emotions I didn’t show to others, I poured out to my mother. I apologize. »

He wants to go back to Thailand, to see the people who take care of him, but for now, he’s going to California with friends, in a schooliethe school bus became a house.

And for those who want to travel, he recommends that they don’t forget to get insurance. “It is very useful. Just the medical flight when I came home from Thailand to Montreal cost $200,000, then there are the hospital expenses. And above all, check the allocated insurance amount, in my case, it is 1 million dollar, and it saved my life.”

One day life sent me a truck

One day life sent me a truck

Carré editions

224 pages

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