Magali Berdah called Booba a “stalker” in the middle of a press conference

In the eye of the storm for several weeks, Magali Berdah came out in silence. The businesswoman told a press conference recently, returned to the online harassment where he was the victim and Booba’s behavior.

Now, this person who presents himself as a whistleblower is a stalker »

Last Sunday, the episode of Further Investigations Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers revealed. The documentary has been viewed over 350,000 times since its release. In the first line, we see Magali Berdah, the entrepreneur who heads Shauna Events. The forty-year-old woman has been the target of Booba for several months, who has made fighting against influencer scams his hobby.

It has been even more chaotic since the publication of the magazine issue Further Investigations, Magali Berdah spoke during the extraordinary press briefing. Regarding Booba, whom he filed a complaint for cyberbullying, Berdah said: “ Now, this person who presents himself as a whistleblower is a stalker. The fight to protect our children cannot be worn by a person who stirs up hatred on social media and elsewhere. »

The influencer, who was crying, also explained that he received many death threats and 100,000 harassing messages. He concluded: I will not be silent, I will stand up […] I have police surveillance that comes several times a day to my house. »

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