Lot: 50 years and not a wrinkle, the unstoppable rise of Phyt in the world of organic cosmetics

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50 years, 100% natural rejuvenating creams, world famous and an innate sense of innovation make Phyt a gem of cosmetics. An expert who has cultivated the true ethics of the organic world and has been able to develop safe and pure values ​​over half a century of creatures. There used to be an amazing success story with long and beautiful episodes to write about. Tomorrow belongs to Phyt.

Phyt’s: 50 years old and still young! Thierry Logre was happy, his wife Marie-Hélène Rondel was beaming with happiness and just beaming. This is his way of birth and transmission. Phyt did not ignore its legitimate pride in Mercuès and Caillac where the couple developed their new ideas. This organic cosmetics giant is blowing out its 50th candle on Tuesday. Thierry Logre has led an exemplary career focused on healthy and natural values. Interview.

Unique knowledge recognized worldwide

If you measure the path traveled in half a century of activity in the world of organic cosmetics, what periods do you remember in the history of Phyt’s?

From the beginning, the packaging of high-viscosity cosmetic treatment ampoules enabled us to create the first personalized aesthetic treatments, unitary and without any preservatives. This breakthrough in a technology reserved for liquids is still today the source of Phyt’s success with beauty and enabled the brand to penetrate China.

Thierry Logre, the key person in Phyt’s laboratories. An enthusiastic person who believes in the benefits of natural products.
Photo DDM-MS

Another step: making the label Cosmebio along with 8 other laboratories. This label intended to control organic cosmetics, both in its biological and ecological criteria, has become the 1st label in the world, a guarantee for consumers. Let’s also talk about taking Phyt with my wife after the creation of Jérodia, which sells dietary supplements intended for prescription, formulated with the most natural ingredients.

At Phyt we immediately saw the innovation represented by this unique knowledge of creating 100% natural, effective and sensory cosmetics for the greatest pleasure of consumers and beauticians. I did not forget to create the production unit in Caillac, in a magical place where a beauty salon is available to the residents of the Lot.

In this laboratory, little by little, we developed the knowledge of all organic cosmetics: care, hygiene products and even make-up. So now everything we sell to the world comes from our own Lot production. All cosmetics produced from our research center, also in Occitania.

You started this adventure in just a few square meters, now your field of action has spread around the world.
Is this your main pride?

I think that we are above all, my wife and I, entrepreneurs who have always been committed to naturalness, before this phenomenon became a social trend.

“I have the pleasure of moving the lines”

Was there a key moment, a turning point in your history that was decisive in raising Phyt to its current level of skill and fame?

I do not think that there is a particular moment in our acquisition of competence or fame, but more important work, long-term self-sacrifice, motivated by the joy of fulfilling ourselves every day through successive innovations, more or less good. .

The company is not a long calm river. The difficulties are many, the questioning is constant.

A natural entrepreneur, I have the pleasure to move the lines, to provide sincere solutions to the beauticians, to the benefit of the women and men who use Phyt’s and to see our reputation grow permanently. , slowly but surely hope!

100% natural ally of efficiency and health

Innovation is your engine, creativity is your fuel. How do you intend to convince consumers to fill common sense by favoring your 100% natural cosmetics?

You put your finger on a real topic. In fact the information is more cut, changed and corseted by a thought. This is true in many subjects and cosmetics are no exception to the rule.

The lobbies of the big groups are not for nothing, prompting the imposition of their often simple solutions, driven by the search above all for profit. Phyt is always with the beautiful.

Through our training service we preach him the 100% natural ally of efficiency and health.

“The beautician has what it takes to be completely fulfilled”

Can we say that loyalty to aesthetics corresponds to Phyt’s ethos and the brands you develop? What do we owe the success of this alchemy in which you combine health and beauty?

We support the beautician a lot in fulfilling their profession: regular training, new range every semester, permanent promotion…

Look in the naturo-beautician's mirror.  The mirror of time.  Not a wrinkle on the horizon.

Look in the naturo-beautician’s mirror. The mirror of time. Not a wrinkle on the horizon.
Photo DDM – J.-LG

The beautician has what it takes to be completely fulfilled. Also, when we choose Phyt we usually keep the brand. This is the reason why we have had beauticians for several decades.

Visioderm: a small revolution for skin analysis

Can you tell us about your main products?
What is the most popular in history and the newcomers are gaining momentum?

  • Hydro cleansing milk : it is a marvel in terms of cleaning or removing make-up from the skin. It is washed with water. it’s simple, easy, effective!
  • Contact + scrub : also very original. Unique in its kind for an effective exfoliation without aggressiveness. Customers are crazy about it.
  • Perfect cream : an anti-aging/anti-wrinkle reference for several decades.
  • Naturoderm : be the oldest of the products! a 50-year-old still relevant, in all the bathrooms or handbags of Phyt’s customers for all the small wounds, aggravated acne… .. a wonderful wonder!

For starters, we need to mention:

  • subject Vintage of active ingredients from the Lot we launched to celebrate Phyt’s 50th anniversary based on truffles and saffron. To discover without fail the people of Lot!
  • The range of Solids 100% natural, waterless, combining ecology and efficiency and sensory. The new generations love it.
  • subject Panacea as its name suggests is Panacea. It lacks complex efficiency and sensitivity compared to competing luxury brands.

We are currently launching the refillable pot.

  • Finally, another new and not the least, since the beginning of the year we market the Visioderm, skin analyzer, a very advanced technology to help the beautician in his diagnosis of the skin. It is a small revolution in the field of aesthetics. We use many products from the earth for our cosmetics. Our credo is 100% natural. I pointed out that the charter Cosmebio requires only 95% natural ingredients. But that 5% makes all the difference. Our formulas are complex, detailed and represent the fruits of many years of research for certain products. Our oil based products are not 100% natural!

Complex and detailed formulas

Agrobiology guides your steps and actions. What benefits can you get from our nourishing soil for skin?

We use many products from the earth for our cosmetics. Our credo is 100% natural. I pointed out that the charter Cosmebio requires only 95% natural ingredients. But that 5% makes all the difference.

Our formulas are complex, detailed and represent the fruits of many years of research for certain products. Our oil based products are not 100% natural!

When it is said that Phyt’s is the world’s cream of organic cosmetics, do you refuse it or do you do everything to attract that?

Of course we consider Phyt’s the best of the creams. Not only is Phyt’s effective, sensory, made in Lot, but also 100% natural for most of its products. What else?

A great adventure in progress

Your adventure is a wonderful family story. Your children and yourself are the main craftsmen. To complete this interview, can you complete these words to summarize your saga: Once upon a time, Phyt, a great adventure that…

Once upon a time there was Phyt’s, a wonderful adventure that…began in 1993 with Jérodia. The children have started school and my wife wants to continue with an activity. This is the beginning of the adventure in one room of the house.

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Then the first employee in 1995 with Valérie Llacher who is still in the company, now as General Manager. We took Phyt in 2004. And the adventure continued…. Children often hear about “work” at home. They now work at Phyt’s.

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