Lose weight: you must avoid this diet at all costs if you want to lose weight for sure!

It’s back to school. Now is the time to set goals for yourself. Among them, there is no doubt that the loss of a few extra pounds. The good news is, it’s your body. It’s up to you to shape it to your liking. It’s not easy, it takes work, that’s for sure. But you don’t have to be a prisoner of your body envelope. You can change it, make it fit your liking. Some sacrifices must be made for this, especially regarding your lifestyle. In fact, 70% of the work is on your plate.

To lose weight, you must eat healthy

You may not have been taught anything, but it is useful to remember this. To be healthy, everything goes through food. So start by addressing your bad eating habits. Do you often snack between meals? Do you drink more soda than water? Are you eating too much sugar and fat? Ultra-processed products? Changes must be made. Let’s say it right away: no diet is perfect. And we strongly advise against depriving yourself, because you risk failure and cracking up. But you need to be careful and limit all foods that promote weight gain as much as possible.

A food can always be found in our cupboards. It is believed that it is good for weight loss, when it is the opposite: sandwich bread. We advise you not to eat sandwich bread, which is usually very high in calories and very rich in sugar. Choose bread from your baker if you want to eat bread every day, although it is not the most recommended food. Often used in diets to avoid eating bread, rice cake should also be avoided. This is a very calorie dense false good idea.

Exercise to lose weight

A Danish study sought to find out how long it takes to exercise each day to lose weight as quickly as possible. This study will last 13 weeks. The goal is to know the ideal time that a sports session should last if the subjects want to lose weight. So researchers at the University of Copenhagen studied the behavior of sixty slightly overweight men. Two groups were formed. The first one should do thirty minutes of sport every day (running, cycling, etc.). Same program for the second group, but the session lasts twice as long: one hour.

After 13 weeks, the result is final. People who exercise for thirty minutes lose weight. The results, which at first glance are surprising, were published in the scientific journal Scandanavian Journal of Public Health. For more accuracy, know that the participants in the first group lost an average of 3.6 kilograms. Those in the second group lost 2.7 kg.

What time should you eat?

Many people practice intermittent fasting to lose weight. This practice consists of voluntarily depriving oneself of food for several hours at a time. But is it really effective? Researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (United States) want to know for sure. Better yet, if the practice is effective, from when exactly? We finally have an answer.

According to this study, you don’t eat anything after 3pm so intermittent fasting is really effective. This is the conclusion of the study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on August 8, 2022. For this study, 90 people aged 25 to 75 and with obesity were recruited. The study lasts fourteen weeks. The goal is simple: to know if a time limited food (in a period of 7 am to 3 pm, therefore) will help you lose weight faster than ” food for twelve hours or more“.

Early time restricted feeding is more effective for weight loss “, tell us the researchers. In fact, it will allow the participants to get 6.3 kilos during the study. Some participants lost 4 kilos on their side. Be careful, though, because when we talk about the loss of ” body fat the difference is small.

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