Lose weight: 5 habits to adopt in the morning to lose weight

To lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, it is important to adopt good habits. Some actions performed in the morning will allow you to burn more fat and shed a few pounds. We tell you everything.

Drink water on an empty stomach

The first reflex adopted when you wake up? Drink a large glass of water, on an empty stomach. It purifies the body by removing toxins. But not only. Drinking water in the morning also speeds up cell turnover and improves blood circulation, which enables the body to function properly.

Exercise in the morning

Doing sports in the morning is good if you want to lose weight. In particular because it allows you to launch your body into a good dynamic and wake up the muscles. This will also encourage you to eat better throughout the day and not make dietary deviations. In addition, this activity has a positive effect on your sleep at night.

Some also recommend exercising on an empty stomach in the morning to effectively burn fat. But be careful, be careful not to overdo it and put your health at risk. The best is to favor an activity of 20 to 30 minutes maximum.

Get up an hour earlier

Getting up an hour early may seem difficult, especially if you go to bed late. But it is useful for shedding a few pounds.

You have plenty of time to prepare a balanced breakfast. In addition, you will be exposed to light more quickly, which will allow your body to better synchronize its internal clock and its energy balance.

Include protein in your breakfast

Do you like pastries and toast for breakfast? If you want to slim down, you need to review this habit. As a general rule, it is really advisable to eat a breakfast full of protein. This will give you energy throughout the day but also allow you to avoid snacking. Consuming protein can really help reduce the feeling of hunger.

Betting on eggs or tofu in the morning, with wholemeal bread for example.

Walk as much as possible

Besides being beneficial for health, walking can burn some calories. So we don’t hesitate to get off the metro one stop earlier to go to work, take the stairs or walk between noon and two o’clock. This good behavior can easily be seen in your figure!

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