Lancôme | A Quebecer at the heart of beauty technology

There is a lot to do in the Lancôme laboratories, the nerve center of the brand’s latest innovations and high-performance skin care products. At the center of this activity, Trifluvienne Annie Black, international scientific director of the rose brand, works with scientific research and innovation teams on new technologies and future products of the prestigious brand. The Quebecer tells us more about the science behind Canada’s number one luxury beauty brand.

Posted on January 27th

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Annie Black’s journey was not ordinary. Already, during his doctoral studies in cellular and molecular biology at Laval University and Claude Bernard University in Lyon, he focused on the different structures of the skin and their capacity to regenerate. In Quebec, his research led him to work in a burn unit. However, its advanced expertise in skin regeneration has not gone unnoticed in the cosmetics industry. “I was the first to go to the universe”, says the woman who, within the L’Oréal Group, is the source of major breakthroughs in skin tissue engineering.

“Science is everywhere”

Annie Black, international scientific director of Lancôme

Annie Black currently heads the scientific group at Lancôme, the luxury brand owned by the L’Oréal Group. “Lancôme relies on very important scientific foundations,” he explained. Each of the scientific territories behind our products works to improve our knowledge of the skin. We rely on the results of this research to develop more efficient products. The Quebecer enjoys working at the intersection of science and sensuality.

I have the best job in the company! I participated in the genesis of product creation, surrounded by peers with different skills from mine. Science is everywhere.

Annie Black, scientific director, Lancôme

Why does scientific expertise play such an important role at Lancôme? “Because the products are in the hands of consumers, who demand care that reflects their performance and effectiveness,” he replied. We also owe the research and innovation team at home some products that have established themselves as important in the beauty routine of women here.

Also preserve the beauty of the planet

It is especially thanks to this cutting-edge scientific expertise that Lancôme has been able to make significant progress in terms of sustainable development. The environmental commitments made by the parent company are ambitious, and these targets force the teams to double their skills to meet small and large challenges: responsible water management, respect for biodiversity, reduction of plastics , development of refills and refillable formats, development of ever better formulations, etc. “Every time we redo a product, we also have to improve its score in terms of sustainability,” the scientific director emphasized.

We are not perfect yet, but we are at the heart of a real change.

Annie Black, scientific director, Lancôme

3 innovative skincare ranges signed by Lancôme


The perfect skin care products are made from exclusive roses belonging to Lancôme, grown on the Valensole plateau in the south of France. The collection’s anti-aging serum is born from the science of longevity. “Here, biotechnology and green chemistry are at work,” said Annie Black. Absolue Regenerating Melting Cream is available in a refillable format, which has removed 250 tons of glass so far… the equivalent of more than two Louvre pyramids!


Many scientific minds had to come together to create Rénergie HCF Triple Serum. “The challenge is to combine ingredients that are known to be incompatible – namely hyaluronic acid, vitamin C + niacinamide and ferulic acid – to maximize their effectiveness and application dosage,” explains Annie Black. The genius behind this treatment: a bottle with triple barrels, where each active ingredient is preserved and well distributed.


It is an iconic and universal serum, for all ages and all skin types. This is the only Lancôme serum that works on the microbiome, the first barrier of the skin’s defense. This range of products is based on more than 15 years of research as well as numerous patents and scientific publications.

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