Kim Kardashian launched an investment fund, the wedding of the carp and the rabbit?

Kim Kardashian is a completely artificial character thanks to cosmetic surgery, which rains her followers on Twitter with a continuous flow of indecent photos in which she appears as a starlet, launched a fund that will attract major American investors.

The reality series that made him famous featured his family, where there were many Brandons, Courtneys, Kendalls. He had considerable success. That it launches a financial product, as we have Sicav Nabilla at home or we put Loana at the head of the Central Bank.

The bird, under its relatively bright air, is actually a business eagle. She’s already launched a shapewear brand – this one the plastic surgery of the poor – which is worth more than three billion dollars, and most recently a cosmetics company, which also has success. He is also from partner with one of the most famous financiers, formerly of Carlyle, specializing in the acquisition and restructuring of companies. He has the skill, he has the fame and the image, that’s the bet.

To chain takeovers

Kim Kardashian’s idea is to collect funds from investors looking for profit, invest this money and grow it. While earning juicy commissions. In this activity, also called “private equity”, the intermediaries, who nevertheless do an important job of restructuring and valuing the boxes they buy, take 20% of the capital gain, without putting a penny in the beginning.

How legitimate can a starlet be in this field? When we ask ourselves this question, we think like the French. Let’s not forget that we are talking about the United States, where Kim Kardashian is the symbol of success and glamr. A kind of super-influencer.

Some famous people in music, for example, have become businesses. Rapper Dr Dre launches luxury Beats headphones, now distributed by Apple. The singer Beyoncé is a real entrepreneur, who has invested in a music label, in fashion, and even in a startup that produces water from watermelons. She weighs more than 400 million dollars today, almost as much as the late Queen Elizabeth II!

Strong fame = guaranteed luck?

It is still necessary to associate with good professionals, who are recognized in their environment. That’s what our starlet did. Fame, you say, it is true, but it should be noted that it is a question of fame that is obtained and maintained not by traditional media, which is short-circuited, but by social networks.

Kim Kardashian has 327 million followers on Instagram, it is the 8ᵉ most followed personality in the world. A real phenomenon, which came to his clan: among the 11 most followed personalities on the planet, there are four members of the Kardashian family.

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