Julie Cristie Neal of Morlock-Motors: who is the business woman?

Julie Cristie Neal is one of the vital links in the great machine Steel friends, the auto mechanics program aired on DMAX. He contributed to the development of the series almost as much as Michael Manousakis, the boss of Morlock-Motors. The grain of its beauty shines from one period to another, from one time to another. The American who also takes care of the finance department of their company has a weight of 200,000 euros. We told you who Julie is Express mechanics in this article.

Julie Cristie Neal piloting a private plane. Photo: @Julie Cristie Neal (Instagram)
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Neal Julie-Cristie is an actress known for her participation in the series Steel Buddies – Stahlharte Geschäfte broadcast since 2014. An ally of Michael Manousakis, he is above all a tireless businessman.

Summary presentation by Julie Cristie Neal

Birth name Julie Cristiebaron Neal
Date of Birth December 12, 1979
Age 43 years
Place of birth United States of America
Astrological sign Sagittarius
Gender women
Nationality American
ethnicity Caucasian
Sexuality heterosexual
jobs pilot and businessman
Appearance of TV Steel Buddies
Company Morlock Motors
Employer Michael Manousakis
instagram realjcneal
Facebook Morlock Motors- Michael Manousakis

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A strong link to Morlock Motors and Steel Buddies

Express mechanics hope Steel Buddies is a German television program about the daily life of Michael Manousakis and his team within the company Morlock Motors which he built. The actors who appeared there were scraping, cutting, welding, screwing and tightening in the middle of piles of scrap metal. Among the do-it-yourselfers is a woman who knows how to impose herself as she does within society whose reality TV show tells the daily story.

Julie Cristie Neal is one of the most important employees of Morlock Motors. Patroness of US Exporters LLChe handles the export activities of Morlock Motors in the United States for many years. He oversees all company orders.

With his pilot’s license and his Cessna M337B aircraft, it was clear that he would join the group of Steel Buddies. Talking about this adventure and his feelings of flight, he stated that when the wheels left the ground, something changed him and that he would not exchange this feeling for anything in the world.

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Julie Cristie Neal contributed to the success of the program Steel Buddies like the men around him. His swear words covered with a smile with which he brightened up the various episodes of the series contributed to the loyalty of the viewers.

Except for Morlock Motors and film sets of Steel friends, Julie Cristie Neal is the head of a company that specializes in exporting clothes to Germany. They are actually products derived from the series Steel Buddies. Shirts, hoodies, caps and more are sold in the fan shop at Steel Buddies.

The American found his place between Michael Manousakis and his son Cole Manousak in their garages made of odds and ends. He also enthusiastically participated in the game of rivalry between the United States and Germany that constituted the red thread of their exchange. These two men who have always been interested in the army, the soldiers and their traditions are right and that is the least we can say.

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Michael Manousakis owes his popularity to Steel Buddies of the program’s large number of military fans, serving and retired military officers, as well as military enthusiasts who have not yet joined the military. Julie Cristie Nael’s boss also owes that popularity to the light waves that she projects.

Steel Buddies inspired the creators of a game that bears the name of the series. It’s a game that involves each player customizing a base plastic weapon style, six painted figures each, and a dice face, with each figure having its own weapon.

Players can also create friendships by choosing the best soldiers to fight their opponents, in the headquarters they build themselves with attached buildings and furniture.

Private life of Julie Cristie Neal

Julie Cristie Neal’s private life remains well guarded at her home in Crossville, Texas, where she lives with her husband Ron Neal and their children. We don’t know anymore.

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However, it was learned that he has his own import and export company called US Exporters LLC. It specializes in heavy or bulky cargo. He is an employee of Morlock Motors since 2016 and his fortune is estimated at 200,000 euros.

Julie-Cristie Neal is very present on social networks and more on Instagram where she shares fragments of her life as a mechanic or pilot. These are the main sequences of his daily life with Steel Buddies. He is followed by 158,000 Internet users who no doubt appreciate his bravery.

What else should be known?

Julie-Cristie Neal, has she ever participated in competitions?

He participated in an edition of the competition MS Health and Fitness. Julie-Cristie came out of it occupying 27th place. He also won the first prize in a television show called Oh! RECREATION.

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Julie-Cristie Neal, has she been in other television shows?

He appeared in an interview with the star of Arrested Development Tony Hale and Ryan Seacrest. To participate, he was flown to Los Angeles with Ryan Seacrest who left him to conduct the interview.

When asked how he felt about this interview, the first he did, he replied that Ryan and Tony made it easier for him and he felt like he was talking to his brother and best friend. If he was nervous at the start of the interview, he felt comfortable making this dream come true.

What pilot activity did he do?

In 2018, he is a member of the team of Mohawk Air Show Team, an air show. He helped pilot Joe Maessesa buy a Grumman OV-1 Mohawk.

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Julie-Cristie Neal, does she have any animals?

He has a horse named Tucker. According to him, Tucker is the funniest horse in the world.

Julie-Cristie Neal, is she a feminist activist?

She was not an activist, but she participated in many actions in favor of women. In 2020, she participated in the International Women’s Construction Week.

What did Julie-Cristie Neal do while in prison?

During the confinement imposed by the health crisis linked to Covid-19, the groups of Morlock Motors announced live shows that ultimately did not take place due to technical issues. But Julie-Cristie Neal is not bored. He had a great time with his Humvee and did a lot of target practice, among other things.

Julie-Cristie Neal, has she done any charity work?

In 2017, after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, he received a message that wasn’t meant for him, asking how he was doing. He was then told that the message was for an acquaintance of a friend. However, he did not hesitate to mobilize help within the Crossville community. So within a few days, he gathered almost a ton of relief supplies that were sent and distributed from Montgomery County, Texas.

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