Issa Doumbia talks about the “huge health problem” that drove her to lose weight

Issa Doumbia ranted on Instagram, recalling that his recent weight loss is not related to a question of aesthetics, but of health. He encouraged his community to take care of their health, regardless of what others saw.

Issa Doumbia was mentioned recently with his remarkable weight loss. A goal that he wants to share with his fans on Instagram. The comedian lost weight without resorting to surgery or medicine. He is content to do more sports, and to change his eating habits. Thus he disappeared 10 pant sizes. In a publication, she showed a before/after of her amazing body. She wore the same outfit as both, and wrote in the caption: ‚ÄúSame shirt but not the same season“. He re-shared a message on Instagram: Thanks for your messages… Health comes before aesthetics“. Then he gave his solution: “I wish you good health. And for that, there is a food hygiene that will be reframed by specialists, and sport level a man like Yanisport in your life”.

“We don’t apologize for being fat”

This Monday, September 5, he shared another message on Instagram, where we saw him perform their sports exercises to live music. In the caption, long text begins with “NO EXCUSES!”, sets the tone for his state of mind. He followed: “No, we don’t apologize for being fat, because for those who don’t know: it’s a disease!” A salutary reminder shot for a situation that is still highly stigmatized, Fat people are still today considered responsible for this.

He followed: “I received a lot of messages of encouragement and testimonials… I read a lot that when you change your body to be more beautiful but lol it’s beautiful! We do it for good health!” He then explained what he suffered: “Personally, I have a big health problem that is weighed down by the scale. That’s why I did it and I’ll do everything to make sure it never happens again (I’ll be sure to talk about it)! Don Don’t listen to people, see doctors, cardiologists, coaches, dieticians, blood tests for YOU and especially not for others. Maybe this time, finally, the message will come through.

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