is it more effective than sport and diet?

Looking for natural ways to increase your exercise routine, drop those last five pounds, or motivate yourself to fit into your skinny jeans? Cold therapy can be a unique modern treatment, which will allow you to achieve your goals effortlessly and without stress. No cutting, vacuuming or lasers! Whatever your body is now and the results you want to achieve, regular cryotherapy sessions for weight loss can get you there.

Starting a weight loss diet can be difficult, both emotionally and physically. Sometimes it takes time to see results and the urges seem too strong to resist. By adding cryotherapy sessions to your weight loss program, you can improve the way you look and feel and get closer to your weight loss goals. Regular and consistent practices will motivate you and make you feel positive and ready to face the scales.

Cryotherapy for weight loss is designed to help you lose weight over time, so if you want a complete transformation overnight, this is not the right solution for you. In the end, your health is more valuable than your slim figure!

Cryotherapy or sport? Or both?

how a cryotherapy session works

While weight loss surgery may seem like an easy way to shed a pound or two, the best weight loss tips all point in the same direction. Take time, be natural, and reboot your routine to fit your lifestyle.

If you invest all your money in weight loss surgery, you are taking a shortcut that will not help you change your habits. Slimming works naturally if you reduce your stress levels, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat a balanced diet. Without these healthy choices, your surgical treatment will have limited results, if any, that will harm your mind, body, and wallet.

cryotherapy for weight loss

This is why cryotherapy weight loss treatment can be more effective. This is not a shortcut, but it can be a way to speed up the results of a healthy lifestyle or a new routine. Cryotherapy supports you in your gradual changes to better health and greater self-confidence, helping you achieve long-term results, much faster than exercise alone.

how to lose cryotherapy belly fat

Actors, models and singers are excited about what cryotherapy can do for weight loss. Daniel Craig, Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore, who need an amazing looking body as part of their performances, swear by this treatment to maintain their dream body. Based on their testimonials, as well as the opinions of many media outlets and bloggers on the success of cryotherapy, it is worth trying to see how your body responds.

whole body cryotherapy for weight loss

There are several methods of cryotherapy, the most popular of which are cryotherapy chambers (or cryo saunas).

For the results of the whole body, the cryogenic sauna session is the one that, according to opinions, gives the best results. This is the treatment used by athletes for high intensity training and recovery. It’s personal, a person, from the neck up you are exposed, with your head free, which means clear vision, because there are no clouds of nitro mist to pass through. In addition to clean air, you breathe at room temperature.

cryotherapy how it works to lose weight

Just staying in a cryotherapy chamber for three minutes is enough for your body to respond to the treatment in a unique way. You have to answer some questions about your health and know the kind of results you want to achieve. Then you take off your underwear (shorts, bathing suit if you want), protect your fingers and toes, and let the frozen nitrogen gas in.

During this rapid cooling session, your body responds to the cold. At this point, your skin may tighten and harden, and excess fluid, which can cause swelling and inflammation, may decrease. You can also feel the energy and adrenaline as you watch the temperature drop and hear the countdown.

Can you play sports after a cryotherapy session?

several sessions of cryotherapy to lose weight

Although the room is cold (colder than Antarctica), you warm up very quickly and naturally when you leave the room and return to room temperature.

By doing a little exercise, you’ll warm up faster and use this new energy wisely. During the warm-up, your metabolism speeds up. Studies show that you can burn up to 800 extra calories after regular and repeated cryotherapy sessions.

At the same time, oxygen-rich blood is sent to the skin and muscles, which helps to repair, strengthen and smooth them, while increasing circulation and releasing stagnant toxins.

Benefits of cryotherapy for sports and fitness

cryotherapy cellulite leg lose weight

In fact, whole-body cryotherapy works to reduce pain and improve the body’s recovery, and may provide specific benefits for athletic performance. In other words, it helps to improve your results and recovery as an athlete or adapt your body for better physical health and exercise. Replace old fashioned ice baths and cold packs with the latest technology that facilitates natural healing.

Benefits of cryotherapy for the body and health:

  • Accelerates muscle recovery
  • Increases energy
  • Reduce muscle pain and inflammation
  • Relieves the pain of tendinitis
  • Faster recovery after injury
  • Poor muscle strength and joint function
  • Increases oxygenated blood circulation
  • As cryotherapy helps relieve muscle pain, it gives individuals the ability to heal and return to normal physical activities faster than the usual rest and recovery time.

In conclusion, we can say that cryotherapy is not a miracle treatment, but it can provide many benefits in terms of weight loss and sports performance in a short time. So this is a method that accelerates the results of diets and physical training.

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