Intensive exercise can reduce your desire to eat fat

Do you crave chips or chocolate, and when you run? According to a recent study published on April 6 in the journal obesitypractice intense, regular sports activity can control cravings and his cravings for high-fat foods. Researchers assure, in fact, that exercise can strengthen its ability to control itself in the face of cravings for certain fatty foods.

According to a study conducted on rats by American researchers at the University of Washington, doing high-intensity sports helps reduce our cravings for these high-fat foods.

Sport can reduce the appetite for fatty foods

To reach these conclusions, scientists put mice on a 30-day diet and found that those exercising vigorously resisted prompts to consume high-fat food pellets.

In practice, American researchers trained 28 rats to get high-fat food for themselves using a lever that, when pressed, would turn on a light and make a sound before delivering a high-fat pellet. . After the training period, the scientists tested how many times the rats pressed the lever to get the light and sound indication.

The researchers then rats were divided into two groups : one is subjected to a high intensity treadmill running regimen and one has no additional exercise apart from his usual activity. During the 30 days that the experiment lasted, both groups of rats had no access to high-fat pellets. At the end of this period, the researchers gave the rats back access to the levers that gave the pellets, but this time when they pressed the levers, they only gave light and sound signals.

As a result, the non-exercised animals pressed the levers more often than the exercised rats, indicating that exercise reduced the appetite for pellets. The goal is to assess the psychological resistance of rats to the temptation to consume their fat-filled pelletsa phenomenon scientifically called “incubation of envy”.

Mentally useful to control cravings

So scientists believe that running on the mat reduced the rats’ appetite for fat. “Regular exercise can be beneficial not only physically for weight loss, but also mentally control bad eating habits“, said the American researchers.

“A very important part of sticking to a diet is having some mental strength – the ability to say ‘no, maybe I want this, but I’m going to abstain’,” says Travis. Brown, a physiology and neuroscience researcher at Washington State University. According to the study’s lead author, it could be the sport psychologically beneficial for “suppressing bad food cravings”too much fat, sweet or salty.

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