Inspirational Woman: Ariane Perreault (Fieldtrip Productions)

“Creative, generous and brilliant, Ariadne a woman of challenges, who naturally helps those around her. Within the collective Humanizehe made his way as director of the brand language team at Bleublancrouge, before making the jump to Fieldtrip Productions as creative director. He now uses his talents as a talkative to tell the story of people and brands with sensitivity, empathy and precision. “

Ariane Perreault (she), creative director, Fieldtrip Productions

  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? When I entered the workforce, my dad gave me advice that still sticks with me today (hello dad!). “Don’t agree to do something that goes against your values ​​and your instincts. The jobs you come and go, but if you keep your integrity, you always come out a winner.
  • Something that particularly inspires you: Build and nurture relationships with talented, intelligent, honest people. It allows me to learn something amazing every day.
  • What would be the soundtrack of your life? from Motown, morning, noon at night. I never get bored.
  • Do you have a mentor? It is impossible to name just one. I had the opportunity to work with women who believed in my abilities, who listened to me and welcomed my contribution to creative products and business decisions. In fact, it is armed with their contribution that I plan my course, and I want to return the favor every day.

My passion for words and languages ​​paved the way for me to advertise outside the university, first through the door of language services, then to transcreation — one foot in production, the other in creation. . I first made my debut as a language professional, where I learned to create with listening and humility. I have explored all kinds of areas of the craft, the last and dearest to my heart is developing a strong skill in inclusive writing for marketing communications. I also sat for several years on the board of directors of a young non-profit organization, the Saint-Henri Jazz Society.

When I dive into a project, I go in there with all of me. Put my values ​​first, my intuition, my feminist petticoat more, but always with respect for the experience and experience of the person in front of me.

Before landing on Fieldtrip Productions, I worked hard, in a small committee, to set up a pilot project in flexible hours aimed at improving the well-being of my close team (and me!). I am happy to say that it is now a unified practice throughout Humanitarian collective.

Now, I have the opportunity to occupy a role that requires nurturing my creativity every day. I managed to keep the antennas of inspiration through a personal practice, but also a lot by staying curious about the work of my colleagues and colleagues. Seeing an idea in the eyes of a motion designera sound engineer, an illustrator, and by giving room for everyone to express themselves, we arrive at a result that is closer to the “truth”, the true nature of what we are trying to communicate .

When we choose to show a real interest in the person standing in front of us we will capture the love that makes it rise every day, and turn it into a story that comes from clichés and routine. And that’s what gets me out of the morning.

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