In Vannes, Edwin Fossard launched his sports coaching business – Vannes

Edwin Fossard bathed in the world of sports with excitement. After obtaining the bac S, the Vannetais studied at Staps and obtained a Master’s degree in physical trainer football. “In college, I worked at the training center of Stade Rennais, then at Vannes OC with the flag team and at US Concarneau. “The idea of ​​starting himself as a sports coach, he who likes social relations, grew and the 24-year-old Vannetais started on September 5. “I go to clients’ homes, or outside because it can be good to exercise in a garden or in the beautiful setting of the peninsula of Rhuys where I mainly work”, explains the young man who also travels to Vannes and has the appropriate equipment. to offer a wide range of exercises.


His public? “I coached football players in June before continuing training, others continue with me in parallel. I also offer strength and maintenance, gaining muscle mass, but 50% of need is related to losing weight. I also do appropriate physical activity. If he did not want to make a career as a teacher, so as not to always speak to the same public, Edwin Fossard took over as a teacher in PE at a vocational high school in Vannes and a trainer of physical preparation at ‘UCO for the non-commissioned officer competition of the gendarmerie. Eventually, he hopes to have a room to live in his customer.


Information and registration: Edwin Fossard, tel. 06 67 35 24 53 and on its website

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