In Patron Incognito, this manager of a 3-star hotel who offers a 2000 euro bonus to a chambermaid instead of increasing it if she has 24 years of seniority and works like a madman is even more annoying to M6 viewers

“Patron incognito” followed Thursday, September 15 the director of a hotel in the Brit Hotel, founded in 1993. Today, it is 8th hotel network in France with 68 million euros in turnover per year. Like many hotel groups, the Covid-19 crisis has had a strong impact on revenue, so we need to find ways to turn the corner. And as usual in “Boss Incognito,” the boss will disguise himself to interact with his staff and see how he can make things better. He wants to increase the number of 3-star hotels in the group with the idea of ​​developing seminar and entertainment clients. Problem: he had trouble recruiting staff, especially waiters and chambermaids. “There is a lack of motivated and qualified employees”, explains the voice-over of M6.

For his immersion, the boss spends time with a waitress, Eva and Annie, a chambermaid, two professions that he considers “devalued”. The two employees saw nothing but fire, they did not recognize their boss, who was now called Olivier. In “Patron Incognito”, the maid is the one who arouses the anger of the viewers of the show. M6. He is not directly, but his boss. Annie, 57, has to clean 30 rooms a day, with an average of 20 minutes per room. Covid-19 has changed his work because it is now necessary to disinfect wipes: wrist, switch … Which takes time. The boss realizes that it is not easy, “the work is hard” he admits. He also made the housekeeper late because he was not doing well. “He’s good Olivier (the boss in disguise, editor’s note), but luckily I checked”, Annie confessed to the cameras M6 after the cleaning done by Olivier in a room. However, the boss will still find things to complain about, especially the sponges and towels that Annie uses, which is very manic. But it was on his salary that things went wrong.

Annie revealed that she has been working for over twenty years, and often at Christmas and New Year, which does not allow her to enjoy the holidays with her children. “It’s good every now and then to have a little payoff,” he admitted. “My dream is to go on a trip with my husband, but I can’t,” she added. Annie is now 24 years old and doesn’t want to stop. However, when he went to meet his boss and therefore discovered that he was in disguise, he admitted that he had pain in his knee for a month after an operation. He asked her, logically kind, to do less. Then comes the moment of “payment” that Annie mentioned earlier. The employer will offer to pay him a bonus of 2000 euros “in the name of what you have done for 24 years”. “It’s nice, but I don’t know if I’ll accept it,” said Annie who was very moved. Finally she accepts and she can finally go to Corsica with her husband. However, viewers of “Boss Incognito” felt that the boss could have done more than give him a bonus. They were furious on Twitter, judging that the boss was a bit stingy in this case.

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