If Your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise, You Could Be the Cause

We often hear the expressions:the dog is the mirror of man“,”Master looks like a dog!“. According to a serious study conducted in 5 countries, these expressions may be true. Let’s explore all about it together!

An online quiz that enlightens

3,298! This is the number of responses collected in a study conducted in 5 of the countries where the consumption of pet food is important. It was a question of knowing the view of the owners of their dogs. With 32% of people who answered that their dog used to do more than 90 minutes of daily exercise, the Germans appear in the first position with 91.3% who believe that their pet is in a ideal weight, compared to 85.5% in France and 84.6% in Canada. Some of the exercises include:

  • 89.3% walking;
  • 45.1% ball games;
  • 43.3% running
  • 37.3% walked without a leash.

If we are far from the owner who is as agile as his dog, because agility falls in the sixth position with 4.9%, the study may illustrate once again that man’s best friend is the reflection of his master

It should be noted that in order to “reduce variability in responses”, the study did not include dogs fed BARF* or wet products, to concentrate on animals fed medical kibble.

* BARF : type of household food ration that offers dogs or cats a meat-based diet, usually raw, and free of processed products.

Like the Lord like a dog

So the authors of this new study say that “owners who exercise vigorously are more likely to have a dog that does the same,[…]Additionally, owners who exercised moderately more than 5 days per week were more likely to exercise their dogs for 60-90 minutes or more than 90 minutes per day..” Therefore, owners who are used to regular exercise, ie 4 or more days a week, tend to think that their dog has a better weight.

For researchers, this is a first important study: where we thought until then that food played a big role in the abundance of our pets, the truth may be different. In fact, according to the study, everything will depend on the importance that the owner of a dog gives to the game in his life. If he is used to the sport, he will share it with his animal. Over the years it has been believed that obese dogs can be victims of excessive nutrition, thus advising their owners to limit meals or the amount of food. But in this study, the lead author remains categorical “While many weight loss strategies for dogs focus on food, these data highlight the need to include physical exercise”. If a dog is overweight, then it is up to his master to change his lifestyle: a win-win principle.

Like the Lord like a dog”: if you think your dog is overweight, instead of controlling his food and frustrating him, maybe it’s time to go back to the sport!

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