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The watch is one of the most favorite gifts. It can be wooden, customizable and depending on the evolution of accessories, or a luxury watch for men or women, elegant as a precious gem. What is the weight connected watch and can it combine the functions assigned to it: practicality, beauty, luxury. Can you lose weight with a fitness tracker or is it a myth?

Wearing a connected watch for weight loss: is it enough?

Not being a fan of slimming diets that spend hours creating menus and shopping, you were surprised to receive a connected weight loss watch as a Christmas present. This is the Revolution, you say! Say goodbye to extra kilos without effort and deprivation! Yes but no! Before long, you worry that using a device isn’t keeping you healthy.

smartwatch weight loss activity monitor encourages you to keep moving

While wearing the connected bracelet, you have gained weight in the past few months, no doubt because you have been controlling yourself every day for years.

Even if you have a fitness tracker strapped to your wrist all the time, monitoring your activity and encouraging you to keep moving, your healthy habits are failing. And this, because your expectations soften what you used to be.

So, you know that just wearing a weight loss smartwatch is not enough for you to improve your health.

What does the weight loss watch provide?

Smartwatch weight loss devices show daily activity progress

From personal experience, many fitness tracker owners ensure that the devices can show daily activity progress, give you heart rate readings, and record exercise sessions. . Some can record sleep time, and some can even detect atrial fibrillation. But unfortunately, none of them are very good ongoing health coaches for your other needs.

In short, the smartwatch for weight loss is not as effective as you would like without apps for this purpose.

smartwatch weight loss move control frequency movement

Smartwatches never suggest how to eat well, nor nut trying to commit to going to the gym. If you have high blood pressure for which you are taking medication, don’t wait for the watch to prompt you to do so. However, apps can.

connected watch weight loss-install related application smartphone

So, all you need to do to be successful is to install a companion app on your smartphone. The first steps are simple: enter some information about your personal data (gender, age, height, and of course weight). The software uses these numbers to summarize the speed of your metabolism and your maximum heart rate over several days. You still need to set your goal: to lose extra pounds. Remember that you return the flop if the set goal is not reached. This means that we should not go behind the spoon, on the contrary, we should go slowly. It is more realistic and possible to lose 500 go 1 kg in a week, no!

A big plus of the weight loss smartwatch is the ability to motivate. It is very encouraging to see on the screen that your intermediate goal has been achieved.

Walking is your ally: activate the pedometer on your connected bracelet!

connected watch weight loss combine function practical elegance luxury

Motorized daily life is the enemy of health, but we have no choice! Subway, work, sleep! And if we try to walk! In addition, a study revealed one of the secrets of good health: walking. It is not mandatory to do the famous 10,000 steps to maintain your body and morale. It is enough to commute 6,000 to 8,000 steps per day, depending on your age, but not until you are used to 2,000 at the beginning of the activity. By activating the pedometer on your connected watch, you can reduce your sedentary lifestyle and increase your metabolism. You will even be motivated to take further action because motivation is repeated with each small success.

What to use in the weight room?

connected watch weight to use the heart rate monitor provides calorie information

If you are addicted to fitness and you go to a weight room, use a heart rate monitor that through your pulse will give you the necessary information on the loss of calories and therefore on destocking fat. This application measures the number of calories to lose, not less or more.

connected watch food consult physical activity report dashboard

Once a day, scan the dashboard to consult your highly motivating physical activity report.

Controlling your metabolism is very important!

smartwatch to lose body weight to burn fewer calories to get the habit metabolism slows down

We have said and said again that metabolism depends on age. Remember that wearing a connected wrist bracelet does not guarantee weight loss if you do not stop eating the whole card. While eating healthy and straw-fed, your body will burn fewer calories than it used to. Therefore, the metabolism slows down. By consulting the number on the screen, you will be alerted to move more if it goes from 1400 kcal per day to 1300 kcal per day. You have no choice but to continue walking and sports sessions.

show weight loss eat healthy move more keep walking

In conclusion, your connected watch to lose weight is just your well-intentioned judge that cooperates with your routine: eat healthy and move more. He is the only one who can’t get rid of extra pounds.

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