How fast to walk to lose belly fat?

with weight loss, all the little tricks are good to do. Although a good eating routine and the practice of a sport are necessary to lose weight effectively and healthily, we do not spit out some small tips that can optimize our loss of weight. This is also the case with walking. Many health professionals recommend this exercise to help us eliminate the calories we eat. However, how fast to walk to lose belly fat ? Here’s how to walk gracefully to say goodbye to the little round bidou.

How fast to walk to lose belly fat?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the gym to get abs, walking is a good alternative to exercise. During your day, prioritize the times when you can walk. For example, there is no elevator in the office anymore, now there are stairs. We forgot the car to get the bread, we treated ourselves to a little walk. According to experts, an hour of walking at 5 km/h burns almost 240 calories! They then recommend a brisk walk to melt belly fat.

Dr. Stéphane Cascua, for Sport to lose weight, shows the fat burning action of this activity: “By walking, you will burn 45% of fat against 35% by jogging and 25% by running at the limit of shortness of breath.t”.

A 2014 study, published in the journal Physical Activity and Nutrition, also found that walking three days a week for 12 weeks led to significant weight loss.

“You have to choose your walking pace to really see the benefits that translate into weight loss because the increased speed will help you burn stored body fat, which will help you lose weight,” says certified running coach Steven Stonehouse at Eat It.

In fact, walking at 6 km/h burns 300 calories. If you walk at 7 km/h, you will burn 360 calories. These numbers increase as the cadence increases.

How to optimize your results thanks to walking?

Now that we know how fast walking is to lose belly fat, there are some other little tricks to make the most of walking to lose weight. For example, in favor of long distances. The longer you walk, the bigger your body will be dip into your calorie reserves to find strength. So it eliminates a lot more. The second trick is not the most pleasant, but it is more effective. The idea is to add weights to your walk. Shopping bags, weights, water packs, any weight is good to carry to make your walk more complicated and burn more.

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