How do you lose your love handles?

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Love affairs affect women and men equally. Despite the catchy name given to them, they are unsightly and often a source of complications. What are the solutions to lose your love handles? What to eat to lose them? Update on different ways to get rid of love handles: sport, nutritional advice or aesthetic methods.

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Is the game effective in losing love handles?

sports and weight loss

love handles has many origins. It can be related to age or to a decrease in physical activity. Love handles can also cause insulin, due to the large number of carbohydrates eaten during meals. Sport and diet are two allies in effective weight loss. However, if the diet is monitored and the sport is performed regularly, the fat mass decreases in a general way. Belly fat melts first. This is positive, because excess belly fat can promote the onset of diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and targeted exercises to lose love handles and local roundness in the thighs, for example.

What sport will lose love grip

The ideal way to fall in love with sports is to make two sports activities complement each other. Cardiovascular activity burns more calories, which is important for weight loss. Swimming is very effective in removing love handles and slimming your waistline. Swimming always offers two main advantages: fat loss and energy expenditure. In fact, the two go together, because on the one hand the fat is lost and on the other the abdominal muscles are strengthened. Swimming is a favorable sport for losing the hips, because it helps to cover the body and demand the muscles of the stomach. Cycling and jogging should also be practiced to lose weight and gain endurance. These two sports are inexpensive and have the advantage of moving all the muscles of the body.

Lose love handles with body strengthening

The benefits of strengthening the body to lose love

In addition to a “cardio” activity, targeted exercises promote the loss of love handles. To eliminate these local fat deposits, it is necessary to work on the abdominal strap muscles. To do this, it is not worth the struggle to do a hundred abs a day. Exercises must be performed correctly and diligently. It is absolutely possible to make them at home.

What exercises to do at home to get rid of love handles?

Some exercises are simple and the results are lasting and visible. The side sheath removes fat from the hips and waist. You should first put yourself on the side, then raise your whole body. Supports are made at the elbows, arms, and edges of the feet. The idea is to hold at least 30 seconds in this position. The ideal time is 1 minute. In the same style, the board promises a beautiful melting of love handles. To do the plank, you have to lie on your stomach, then lift your whole body, leaning on your arms and toes. The 3rd exercise consists of “pedal boating”. Lie on your back and on a mat, the right elbow meets the left knee and so on.

What to eat to get rid of love handles?

In addition to sport, it is strongly recommended to have a healthy and balanced diet to lose your love handles. Lipids should be restricted and carbohydrates limited. Priority should be given to fruits, vegetables, fish or eggs. You also need to make sure you are hydrated enough with water and green tea, for example, which promotes the elimination of toxins by moving them. It is possible to decorate some dishes with spices, such as cumin, which prevent water retention. Red fruits are rich in antioxidants. Combined with some nuts and cottage cheese, it makes an ideal snack as part of a meal.

Aesthetic solutions to remove love handles

Palper-rolling is a modeling method to reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce fat on the waist, thighs, abdomen, arms, etc. The palper-rouler can be practiced by yourself every day with the help of a slimming cream, but it is more effective if it is done by a professional. The purpose of this type of massage is not to relax the person who receives it, but to remove and dissolve the fat that is embedded in the hypodermis. Despite a relatively high cost and relatively bearable pain, the palpate-rolling technique shows great results in love handles.

Cryolipolysis for love handles

Cryolipolysis helps reduce fat from above the hips. Cryolipolysis is the destruction of adipocytes (fat cells) by cold. It is a non-invasive technique that requires the use of a trained professional. Cryolipolysis effectively helps to lose love handles, although it is not accessible to everyone. In fact, the price is very high and people who are overweight (or on the contrary, people who don’t have enough fat) can’t ask for this kind of aesthetic medicine.

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