here is the ideal exercise to melt belly fat once and for all!

Forging a dream body in no time is everyone’s envy, especially with summer approaching. However, few are trying to achieve this goal. And if the extra kilos fly at the same pace as we take? Whether it’s a crash diet or long hours at the gym, losing weight with exercise has never been easier. However, there is an effective exercise that effectively combats visceral fat and its accumulation.

Losing weight with sport: What is visceral fat?

There are different types of fat in the body. And depending on their location, they do not have the same effect on the body. Subcutaneous fat, also called “good fat”, is what appears in the belly bulge. It is quite visible and understandable to the touch. So it is directly under the skin and does not represent a health risk. In addition, it has a protective effect on the body! However, this is not the case with belly fat. Also called visceral or ventral, it accumulates in the visceral system between the muscles and the abdominal organs and, eventually, can change their function. So it is not for nothing that it is called “bad fat”.

What is the number 1 cause of belly fat?

causes visceral fat exercises in the stomach plank diet

Stress, lack of sleep, medication, age, hormones, family genetics… There are many factors that cause belly fat to appear. However, the number 1 cause of unhealthy fat remains poor diet and, in particular, foods high in added sugar and simple carbohydrates. This leads to rapid weight gain in the abdomen, which is then difficult to lose. Another important cause of visceral fat is lack of sport. While cutting back on sweets, alcohol, and carbonated drinks is effective, the best way to lose your baby bump is to combine a balanced diet with proper physical activity. In this vein, here are the most effective exercises against the accumulation of belly fat.

elimination of visceral fat causing danger solution exercise stomach plank

Contrary to what others think, it is not only an aesthetic disorder, but a serious problem for general health. According to Cleveland ClinicVisceral fat can trigger:

how to get rid of abdominal visceral fat with just one abdominal plank challenge exercise

According to experts from Harvard Medical SchoolBelly fat is closely related to breast cancer. It can also cause inflammation of the gallbladder in women. So targeting it is not only a way to lose weight, but also a way to take care of your overall health.

Weight loss with sport: What exercise will melt belly fat?

weight loss with sport doing abdominal planks to burn visceral fat

Do you want to lose some extra kilos as the day approaches? You should start with belly fat. To prevent this, a balanced diet and muscle building exercises are recommended. In this case, there is nothing better than the famous belly plank. This form of progressive bodybuilding without additional loads is easy, fast and absolutely ideal for regaining your dream weight and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

weight loss sport challenge stomach plank against visceral fat

At first glance, the abdominal plank may seem mundane to some. However, it does offer some toning and easy variations that you can try at home. In addition, the virtues and benefits associated with this type of exercise are numerous. Its regular practice can even relieve back pain. And because it contracts all layers of the abdominal muscles and requires little movement, the plank is certainly one of the best ways to strengthen the core and reduce lower back pain.

lose weight quickly doing belly plank to melt belly fat

For best results, exercise your muscles several times a week by doing a classic plank. To do this, rest on your arms (they are located under the shoulders) and on your toes, making sure that the body is well aligned. Contract your stomach and stay in this position for 45 seconds, doing three sets in total. Do three series of one minute maximum, respecting the rest time between each series. The good news is that the more you build your abdominal muscles, the more you will improve your metabolism and the more naturally your body will burn calories and therefore fat… So why not try the 30-day challenge on the plank?

weight loss without sports drink noni juice to melt belly fat

Another effective way to burn calories and melt visceral fat is Noni juice. It is enough to drink 30 ml of it every morning when you wake up and the slimming effect will not last long.

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