here is the ideal duration of a sports session to burn maximum calories according to a study

By Gwendoline Cozette

– Posted on August 04, 2022 at 07:30
– Updated on August 03, 2022 at 4:24 pm

Thirty minutes, an hour… Opinions differ when it comes to the ideal duration of a sports session to lose weight. Here is the final answer.

We know that if you want to lose weight or stay healthy, you need to practice regular physical activity. Unfortunately when you start, you often wonder what game to do, what time to do your session and until when. For this last point, some will tell you 30 minutes, others 1 hour or even 1 hour and a half. But who is right? This is the question of a Danish study.

Weight loss: how long to exercise?

To answer this question, which drives a lot of debate, theDanish studies experimented over 13 weeks (about 3 months). The researchers ofUniversity of Copenhagen studies the nature of a 60s slightly overweight men. It is divided into two groups. The first must be done 30 minutes of sport every day and this is regardless of the sport (running, cycling, swimming, etc.). Same thing for the second group but with a duration twice as long, ie 1 hour.

After 13 weeks, the results were unanimous: the group that exercised for 30 minutes lost more weight. The participants in the first group thus lost an average of 3.6 kg against 2.7 kg for the second group.

Why is 30 minutes of sport more effective than 1 hour?

The answer is in our head. In fact, the authors of this study, published in the scientific journal Scandanavian Journal of Public Health, revealed that Motivation is the key to a good workout. Men who exercise less have more motivation to train and thus follow a healthy lifestyle ยป. The latter are used to climbing the stairs more often, taking their dog more often or even going to work by bicycle.

In contrast, people who trained for 1 hour felt more tired after their session. Then they lack motivation and spend less energy throughout the day.

The study shows that the adage “longer, better” doesn’t necessarily work when it comes to a exercise to lose weight. It is better to focus on small exercises of 30 minutes that will preserve our energy for the rest of the day. In this sense, some online sports sessions agree with this duration, especially that of Sissy Mua.

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