Five misconceptions about weight loss – Slimming. A matter of weight

BMI, an infallible indicator to determine your ideal weight FAKE

Body mass index (BMI) is one of the favorite measurements of people who want to lose weight. Based on the ratio between height and body weight, BMI makes it very easy to estimate a person’s fitness. Maybe too little. Already, the index does not take into account the sex of the person, or his age, elements that nevertheless have a significant effect on weight. Above all, BMI is based only on body weight, not muscle mass, which leads some athletes to wrongly find themselves in the “overweight” category.

Depriving yourself and avoiding any deviation allows you to lose weight permanently

At the core of most diets, deprivation is often seen as the key to weight loss. However, depriving yourself and avoiding deviations at all costs can be counterproductive. First, deprivation is difficult to sustain over time, and it can lead to frustration that can quickly become debilitating. So it’s better to listen to your body and eat a small snack when you feel the need. You can choose a fruit or a juice for fiber, energy and vitamins, a cereal product for satiety, and/or a dairy product for protein.

Exercise can help you lose weight True and false

It is impossible to ignore the sport to pay attention to your line and maintain good health. If changing your eating habits is a good start, practicing a regular sports activity is a necessary complement. Be careful, though: to have real effects, the game should be done at least two to three times a week, and in sessions of more than thirty minutes. And if the sport allows the refinement of the silhouette, it should not be accompanied by weight loss because sporting practice can gain mass. Don’t panic, therefore, if the number on the scale doesn’t work despite your best efforts.

Eating low-fat foods will help you lose weight FAKE

Dairy products, biscuits or drinks: the light market is well supplied. If these “slimming” products always give a good conscience. Problem: To balance the lack of sugar, use sweeteners with controversial health effects such as aspartame. As for low-fat products, they are compensated by adding sugar and additives. So it is better to eat products in their light version, being careful to favor “good fats” over saturated fats, and those with unprocessed sugar.

Diets can lead to a yo-yo effect real

While every year, a new food is heralded as THE miracle food, the long-term effects are always the same. That is, a rapid weight loss, followed after stopping the diet by a resumption of the pre-diet weight, or even slightly above. In question, in particular, the compensatory effect that occurs after a few weeks or even months of failure. In addition, the metabolism, which is slow during the diet, will have difficulty following the maintenance of a normal diet, and therefore it is easy to store fat.

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