First Edition of the “Women Entrepreneur Award” with JAFH in the South-East

The Young Feminist Activists of Haiti (JAFH) has launched since September 3, 2022 the first Edition of the Woman Entrepreneur Prize, Fanm Biznis with the goal of allowing women to demonstrate their ability at the entrepreneurial level. This prize organized exclusively for women is also an excuse to mark the 40th anniversary of the decree of October 8, 1982, which gave women a status according to the Constitution and eliminated forms of discrimination against them.

JAFH is a non-profit organization created in 18 November 2021 at the Place de Toussaint Louverture in Jacmel by 10 young women from the Southeast. It is an organization that aims to inspire and help women to free themselves in all areas of society. The 10 founding members chose November 18 because it is also an important date in the history of Haiti, because it is similar to the combat, struggle and victory of the Haitians. The coordinator of JAFH, Sylfanie Alexis, who has a background in legal sciences, local management and business creation, praised the achievements of the pioneers of the feminist movement, especially the heroes of the War of Independence, such as Sanite Belair, which is often overlooked . This is what made her unite the young women of her generation to continue the struggles that she considers to be done.

“Feminism claims the rights of women, not because they are women, but because they are human beings. JAFH defends the thesis that feminism is humanism,” added Alexis. JAFH believes in gender compatible, very important to their cobweb logo symbolizes, according to JAFH number 1, living together and finding or finding humanity that is the core of the center.

JAFH has already organized a series of events, including the sale-signature, at the Alliance Française of Jacmel, of “A dangerous man” by Gary Victor in collaboration with Éditions Pulucia on July 15, 2022 and a series of conferences in the month of August 2022 in the mind of Jacques Stephen Alexis, Jacques Roumain and Antenor Firmin in the Town Hall of Jacmel. JAFH also organized, in August 2022, the first edition of the Book Festival with secondary school students and university students as participants, it is a text competition and the works of the winners will be published by Editions Pulucia.

“The first edition of women entrepreneurs, where the participants had to create a business plan maximum three pages for their company, is our second major event,” explained coordinator Alexis. Participants have until September 16, 2022 to submit their business plan. The members of the jury for this prize are Djoudeline Bonnet and Geralda Leroy.

Anchello-Frantzsou PIERRE and Asheley Bianca Shaïna JEAN

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