Everything you need to know to increase your metabolism?

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Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions in the body necessary to process food and burn calories. Nutrients are first taken from the food eaten (catabolism), then they are synthesized and sent to the cells of the body, which need them to function properly (anabolism). Some people have a slow metabolism, while others have a fast one. Metabolism plays a role in losing weight and possibly increasing it. How to improve your metabolism to lose weight?

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Metabolism can be slow or fast. There are many factors that influence this. First, it is genetics that can be responsible for a slow metabolism. Hormones also slow down the metabolism. Hormonal imbalance causes constant fatigue and slows down the body’s function in general, which also affects the metabolism. Diseases, such as diabetes or pathologies related to the thyroid (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism) are often responsible for slow metabolismpromotes some weight gain and a reduction in resting energy expenditure.

People with slow metabolism burn fewer calories. The quality of sleep can be questioned, because it interferes with the assimilation of nutrients and the body stores fat more easily. A bad diet affects the metabolism. In fact, too much restriction drives it out of action. It stores fat and stores it, to compensate for the lack of nutrition. In addition, the muscle mass will melt. If a person on a strict diet continues to eat a normal diet, the metabolism continues to work slowly. It was then that he continued to make reservations and because of this, the man gained weight. This is the famous “yo-yo” diet. Although for some reasons there are no solutions, it is even possible to increase your metabolism to lose weight.

The first thing to do for stimulate your metabolism for slimming purposes is movement. Walk every day, take the bike to post your letter, park far away in the car park to encourage walking… Anything can be an excuse to move. Therefore, more calories are burned. Being active can help you lose weight. Playing sports once or twice a week will stimulate your metabolism: jogging, swimming, basketball… Choosing a physical activity that gives you pleasure is important. On the other hand, it is the regularity that offers long-term metabolic results.

Getting enough sleep is also a good way to raise your metabolism. A restful sleep helps limit drowsiness when tired and better assimilate the nutrients present in the food. You should go to sleep at the first signs of fatigue and avoid screens or excessive food at night. Drinking 1.5 liters of water per day helps to hydrate the body and eat less. An increase in body temperature improves energy expenditure and therefore the body burns more calories. These tips will help you have a faster metabolism and therefore burn more calories and increase fat destocking.

To boost your metabolism, food plays a very important role. First, you must eat 3 times a day, at the table, and above all, take time to chew. It is best not to eat in front of the TV or computer, to savor each dish and eat mindfully. This is how a person stops eating when he realizes that he is full. To boost your metabolism and promote weight loss, the consumption of good fats, from plants, is recommended. Oils contain this, but must be cold pressed. They are very good for the movement of the body and organs.

Good proteins, which are present in chicken or turkey breast and eggs, speed up the metabolism and help build muscle. Fish, such as tuna or cod are rich in omega 3 and are perfect for balancing your diet. Vegetables help digestion and help you feel light, which makes you want to walk to digest. Products rich in calcium (cottage cheese) contribute tofat burning. It is necessary to favor fresh and seasonal fruits, especially citrus fruits or red fruits, which are foods that burn fat. Iodine and seaweed improve the production of hormones, which are necessary for proper functioning of the metabolism. Coffee can also boost metabolism, but it should be consumed in moderation. Spicing up the dishes is also a great way to boost your metabolism.

Some mistakes should be avoided because they happen slowing down the metabolism and promotes weight gain. Bad fats, mostly from animals, and sugar are heavy for digestion and damage the metabolism. Vienna pastries, cold cuts, butter or pastries should be eaten in limited quantities. In addition, they have no interest in nutrition. Sugary soda drinks should be avoided as much as possible.

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