Elections 2022: five candidates in Iberville

By Jean-Christophe Noel

In the riding of Iberville, Steve Trinque, from the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Jean-Alexandre Côté, from the Parti Quebecois (PQ), Audrey Bogemans, from the Coalition avenir Quebec (CAQ), Anne Casabonne, from the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), and Philippe Jetten-Vigeant, of Quebec solidaire, are the candidates.

Founder and president of Megavolt/MXO, a communications and e-business agency, Steve Trinque combines 25 years of business experience as a business leader and strategic advisor, in addition to 15 years of teaching at the University of Sherbrooke. Received more than a dozen awards and talks in recognition of his involvement and leadership at the regional, provincial and Canadian levels, the Liberal candidate, a native of Iberville, who lives in Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir for more than 16 years, there was named business personality of the year by the Haut-Richelieu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2018.

Steve Trinque is the PLQ candidate. (Image: courtesy)

Jean-Alexandre Côté has lived in the riding of Iberville for 10 years. A jack-of-all-trades, he has worked in supply management at ABB Electrification Canada since 2013 while at the same time pursuing a career as a director. As such, he completed a master’s degree at the École supérieure de théâtre at UQAM, after completing a bachelor’s degree in sociology there. As one of the founders of Café-Théâtre de Chambly, Jean-Alexandre has held various positions there since 1989, including artistic direction. A member of the Union des artistes, he has participated in many television series and commercials over the past 25 years. Jean-Alexandre Côté was a convinced separatist who wanted to concretely support the cause; this is why he is a candidate for the Parti Québécois. A man of the field, he seeks to defend with strength and determination the issues of his constituency in the National Assembly.

Jean-Alexandre Côté is the PQ candidate. (Image: courtesy)

Philippe Jetten-Vigeant grew up and studied in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. His time at Cégep de Saint-Jean led him to the field of agricultural sciences, where he continued his studies to eventually obtain a bachelor’s degree in agro-environment from McGill University. He has been an agro-environmental advisor in agricultural advisory cooperatives since 2018. Since 2021, he has been teaching agricultural techniques at the Cégep de Saint-Jean. He is involved in various local organizations such as CIME, a natural environment protection NPO where he is the vice-president, as well as Alternative Aliment-Terre, a food safety NPO where he sits. It also participates in citizen and municipal movements.

Philippe Jetten-Vigeant is the candidate for QS. (Image: courtesy)

Daughter of the South Shore (Montreal), Anne Casabonne studied drama at UQAM. Among other things, he was noticed and appreciated by the public in the theater and on TV, especially in La Galère, Unit 9, Complexe G, District 31, Les Zigotos and Macaroni tout garni. With his personal commitment and all his determination, but also with the spirit of continuity, loyalty and consistency, that he wants to be the next MNA for Iberville. To make this transition with confidence, he said he wanted to understand Claire Samson’s experience in the field. He wanted to get inspiration from the relationships that Ms. Samson in the community and the knowledge that he passed on to him to meet the needs and concerns of the people, businesses, businesses and organizations that are in the riding. , while putting it down to his own will, his courage, his strength, his courage and his ability to listen.

Anne Casabonne is the PCQ candidate. (Image: archive)

A true ambassador for the farming profession, Audrey Bogemans is an example of determination. He has been involved for over ten years with the Haut-Richelieu Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A woman of innovation, her contribution to the business community and to the economic development of the riding of Iberville deserves mention.

Audrey Bogemans is the CAQ candidate. (Image: courtesy)

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