El’Drée Tacos, food from Kamouraska with Mexican sauce

In a plot along Route 132, at the entrance of a village of more than 500 souls, the young couple formed by Eve-Andrée Lacombe and Philippe Martin, cook and chef by profession, celebrated brightly of the beauty of foods from animals. , fishing and local vegetable crops by enhancing them with typical Mexican flavors.

Just one bite of their delicious eel tacos – inspired by a down typical of the coastal Mexican culinary tradition – to realize that I am an important place and the image of the culinary culture of modern Quebec.

The straightforward flavors of the smoked eel inside the down very crispy, combined with the delicate pineapple and herb sauce, completely captivated the follower of locavore pleasures that I am!

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The view from the wonderfully furnished terrace reminded us that everything in the food is agricultural. | Photo: Radio-Canada / Allison Van Rassel

Nestled at the foot of farmland where a black and white barn cat warily roams, the canteen is the result of a long-time dream of the couple, who have over 20 years of experience in the kitchen.

From Malartic in Abitibi, Philippe Martin managed the kitchens of the Delta Hotel in Sherbrooke for almost a decade. Eve-Andrée discovered a passion for cooking during her university studies, as well as a love for Mexican cuisine.

At the end of my baccalaureate [en littérature], in 2017, I did DEP in cooking. I have never set foot in a professional kitchen, but cooking is the only thing that makes me good in my studies.

I always dreamed of having a taco canteen, which I tried to open in Mauricie. You have to admit that money is needed to open a business, so I went to the Far North to earn money to fulfill my dream. »

An excerpt from Eve-Andrée, co-owner, El’Drée Tacos

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The menu combines dishes rooted in the culinary identity of Quebec, enhanced by the flavors of Mexico. | Photo: Radio-Canada / Allison Van Rassel

From Far North to Kamouraska

It was in the kitchen of the Raglan mine, an underground nickel mine located a few kilometers from the northern village of Salluit, in Nunavik, that the cook and the cook met in 2017.

Three years later, a house for sale in Saint-Bruno-de-Kamouraska attracted them to the region where Eve-Andrée saw her business celebrating the taco, a typical Mexican street food that she especially like

We were looking for land to establish our business, and the opportunity brought us to a canteen to sell directly to 132, said Philippe. It’s not really what we want as a place. We’re talking like a secluded cabin, something with a view of the water. When we started talking to local friends about our project, they were very excited. But when we named Saint-Denis-De La Bouteillerie, they added that we were really brave. You must have a vision.

When we entered the canteen, I had a crush to the point that we made an offer on the spotproudly continues the entrepreneur, with many ideas in mind. We must take advantage of the opportunity, because if we had not done it, we would never have done it.

For us, it could be Saint-Denis, Saint-Bruno or Saint-Germain, it doesn’t change anything. We have a precise idea of ​​what we want to do. I’m trying to move into the kind of place we’re creating, somewhere. »

An excerpt from Eve-Andrée Lacombe, co-owner, El’Drée Tacos

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The smoked eel taco is a favorite on the menu, an offering rooted in regional culinary heritage and the image of Quebec’s generous culinary culture. | Photo: Radio-Canada / Allison Van Rassel

Unmatched quality

No small detail escapes their offer, where the food produced in Quebec shines, especially not cheese. panel and cotija, collected by Philippe from Les Fromages Latino, located in Val-des-Sources, in the Eastern Townships. They are the only ones in Quebec who make these traditional Latin American cheeses. This is one of the many details we don’t see, but can definitely taste.

We don’t want to compromise, because that’s what makes the difference. There are people from Mexico who come to eat with us and say that our food is like their childhood. They recognize the taste of our efforts, and that’s great. »

An excerpt from Philippe Martin, co-owner, El’Drée Tacos

Red and green hot sauce, pineapple herb sauce, salsa, tempting pallets as well as the corn tortilla chips are all processed by hand in the small kitchen of their most colorful establishment.

Every Saturday morning, Philippe takes grain-fed chickens from Saint-Onésime. We talked to the people who raised the animals, who grew the vegetables, and me, which made me trip, lined up Philippe, who did not benefit from this access to the Far North producer, nor to the Sherbrooke Convention Center. “Here, we did not talk to a subcontractor who delivers for a producer who is at the other end of the province, I talked directly to the breeder, in his farm. »

In the kitchen of a large establishment, you are less interested in the product. You ask yourself fewer questions, because it goes quickly. Today, I spoke with my pig producer, who explained to me how he uses rye in his breeding. There, I understood better the value of his animal fat and especially that I did not waste it. »

An excerpt from Philippe Martin, co-owner, El’Drée Tacos

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The Lacombe-Martin couple with their dog, Thelma, a Korthals griffin who is the establishment’s mascot. | Photo: Radio-Canada / Allison Van Rassel

The couple is already preparing for the next season with this accessible and affordable offer. Today, he makes canned tomatoes, one of the many foods from farms that dot the surrounding landscape. This is a monster challenge that requires a lot of effort and preparation in advance for these two chefs, whose offer is a diamond in the rough. no fries and with coriander everywhere the turn at Bas-Saint-Laurent is good.

Brave? Long live the youth of Quebec’s regions!

El’Drée Tacos canteen will be open until October 2.

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