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MONTREAL: Disney may not have expected so many reactions after the Saturday, September 10 release of the teaser for its remake of The little mermaidwhere black actress Halle Bailey played Ariel in a live-action adaptation.

Soon after its release, the teaser sparked a heated debate about racism in the world of cinema. A choice that was seen differently among black children, and which gave rise to a trend a trend a trend a trend a trend TikTok full of emotion. We have seen videos of children who are delighted to discover the face and skin color of the new little mermaid, which have gone viral on the social network.

“Mom, he’s black like me!”

In videos, hashtags are included #objects of representation (“representation matters”) or #BlackgirlmagicWe can see a black girl dressed as a princess or a little boy who is happy to see a princess of color in a Disney film.

In one of these videos, little Emery, who was well settled on a couch, suddenly got up when he saw the actress Halle Bailey in the role of Ariel.

“I think he’s black!” he said. “Black Ariel is beautiful!”

“His skin… looks like mine. He’s as dark as me,” said another child enthusiastically while other girls could be seen covering their faces and jumping for joy. “That’s why representation is so important! We can’t wait to watch this movie,” a parent wrote under their video.

Comedian Halle Bailey posted and commented on these images on her Instagram account: “People have been sending me these reactions all week and I’m really impressed.”

“I don’t want a white Pocahontas”

On the other hand, many Internet users criticize a choice that, according to them, does not respect the first character. “She’s not like Ariel”, “the Little Mermaid white, period”, “Ariel has blue eyes, white skin and red hair. Disney disappoints me,” another person tweeted, along with the hashtag #NotMyAriel (“that’s not my Ariel”).

Some even rule that by living in the deep, Ariel’s skin should be white, while others assure the opposite that by living in the water, the mermaid’s skin is exposed to the sun.

Halle Bailey’s opponents often deny being racist, and prefer to describe themselves as “critical”. “Similarly, I don’t want a black or Mexican Mulan. From the white Pocahontas, an Asian Belle oa native america ” one user commented.

On the other hand, Halle Bailey admits that people who are against a black Ariel don’t understand “what it can do for us, for our community, for all the little black and brown girls that are visible themselves on the screen”, if from a magazine interview Various.

“I want the little girl in me and the little girls like me who watch the movie to know that they are special and should be a princess in every way,” she added.

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